Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 11th, 2016

Hola Familia!
Wow! I can't believe this is my last P-day! I am sooo excited to see Mom and Dad in 6 days!!!! Everyone thinks I am super sad but I am sooo happy! I feel so grateful for this experience that I have had to be a representative of Jesus Christ all day everyday. Even though sometimes I have so much I can do to be better, I feel good about what I have done and the person I have become. I obviously wish I would have done maybe a little more or feel like I could have changed even a little more, but hey, I have a whole week to finish everything I wanted to do. 
Serenity, I'm sorry I am taking Mom and Dad from you for such a long time. I will make sure we will buy you something really cool from Argentina. This week we had a lot of success and we taught more than I have ever taught my whole mission! And after teaching so much I was reminded how blessed I really am to have such wonderful parents that taught me the ways of the Lord while I was young and teachable. And not old and stuck in my ways. If another person tells me that they are Catholica and are not going to change religion I might scream! hahaha 
This week we met with the Presidente of the mission and he told us what we need to do as leaders of the mission to help the other missionaries. We also got a phone call from one of the assistants who  told me and my companion that our area is the best area in the mission right now. We have the highest numbers! Woot Woot that made me feel good. All of our hard work was paying off. But I love the scripture in  Alma 26:12 (I think) that says I glory in my God who gives me strength. I know that it was through my loving Heavenly Father that I could complete 18 months in his work. 
I love you all and hope you are helping bring souls unto Christ! See you soon! 
Hermana Bailey

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April 4, 2016

Argentine baby


Hey family!
Wasn't General Conference awesome!!! I loved it sooo much! We had some investigators come and the talks were just what our investigators needed. I felt like I needed to work harder and be even better.

How cool is the story about Serenity's inspiration. That goes to show how sensitive children are to the Spirit. That is so awesome! Good job Serenity.  Keep putting your trust in God and you will keep receiving answers that are directly from the Spirit. 

We have 5 people that can get baptized but we have to work super hard to see these miracles! I am trying and really focusing on baptism these next 2 weeks. We had an investigator come to conference that I didn't even know about until the end. She sent us a message telling us she loved it and I was like WHAT? You went?? hahah It was an awesome surprise. 

We had some crazy miracles this week. We found a family that we are teaching that have literally nothing. We went with a member and gave them food. They are sooo skinny and have been treated horribly by disgusting men.  I love that they talked about fathers in Conference! I feel that was so needed. I was so grateful to have a Dad who was exactly what Elder Christofferson described. I also loved the part that said 
"what if their story was your story?" I ask myself that everyday and we should all do that. With those words we are able to help others and really forget ourselves! 

Love you all. Mom and Dad have a good viaje. Good luck.  I will be praying for you! Serenity you will be great! 
Love, Hermana Bailey 

P.S. I love the idea of gifts for Presidente and his wife. You are so smart. I counted all the people we will be visiting and I counted about 30 so if you have 30 pictures we will be great. 
Things in especific...
Don't forget a good camera, my camera is acting weird so lets not rely on my camera.
If you have room, little statues of Christ or little things like that would be cool.  2 or 3 or little signs that say Las familias pueden ser eternas- it has to be in Spanish
Grandma gave us necklaces that said I am a Child of God once. If you could bring 3 of those its okay if those are in English.
If you can find 2 white botton shirts and 2 ties for the age of 11 and 8 that would be awesome and if you can find 3 little tags that say futuro misionero that would be awesome. I don't know if you can find those. If not no problem.
Make sure your phone plan will work here
Don't forget a license and a coat it is cold.
You guys might want to buy those head pillows for plane rides because the plane ride is horrible.
Make sure you have a GPS on your phone that will work here in Argentina.
Oh and don't forget a Spanish dictionary haha  

Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

Hey Familia!
Okay so this week was awesome!!! God is answering every one of our prayers! Last week was a hard week with poco success. But this week was awesome! 

We started out the week with no one that was going to get baptized. We were hoping this 17 year old girl would get baptized. We tried to find her on Monday but she wasn't home. Then Tuesday we went and she said she didn't want to get baptized anymore. This was because her sister is having a baby and she was going to be the godmother. In the Catholic church you can't be a godmother if you have been baptized in another religion. I was sooo sad. I told her how I had to leave Jackson because I knew that I had to put God first and she said she was going to pray about it. Then the next day! I don't know if I have ever prayed so hard hahaha. The Elders went and they taught her and she signed her baptism registros!!! And she still was wondering if that is what she should do. Then they sang a hymn and she said that the Spirit was sooo strong she felt hot. And she knew that it was from God. She accepted to be baptized on Saturday!! We taught her the Word of Wisdom and she said that she drinks a lot of tea. But that she would stop because she knows what she felt was from God! Sooo cool. She got baptized and when she left from the water she started to cry! It was sooo cool. The Spirit was soo strong. 

Then on Friday Milton and Malen got married! Malen invited us. That was cool! Malen is the one that got mad at me if you remember that story. But they got married. Now we just need to help her husband get baptized. 

Then in church yesterday our ward almost completed the goal of 120 in church. We got up to 114! It was soooo cool. God is working big miracles here. 

Tell Serenity that having you gone is good practice for her mission. And she has Kami and Katie there. Tell her that you guys will be fine. I live here and people here are super nice. 

Brayden, Sorry to hear about your girlfriend.  That's okay because when I get home we can hang out!! hahaha

Hope! You are sooo cute. I like your devotional pictures.

Mom, My comp. likes the blue ring! Bring a picture of Christ that shows Him in the red robe like the one that is next to our front door. The one with a face serious. And bring 10 other pictures, and a little bag of cheap CTR rings. 

I am great! I feel really weird.  I remember before I left home I was really anxious, excited and sad.  I feel the exact same right now. I wake up super anxious. I feel sick sometimes - I don't want to leave! But at the same time I am soooo excited. It is super weird.  I can't explain it. 

Do you have more questions before your viaje?
Love you all. Thanks for helping me!
Hermana Bailey

Thursday, March 24, 2016

March 21, 2016

Hey family!!!!
So time is just going by fast. Everyone just says "enjoy it, you're going to miss it."  Why is it that we always look for what is next coming in our lives when we have everything we ever need?  I bet God gets sooo frustrated with us as humans hahah.

My companion and I are working sooo hard. But our numbers don't really show our eforts. We aren't teaching very much... But we had a crazy thing that happened with the family that almost got married who got mad and said not to come to their house anymore. Well they are getting married this Friday and they came to church this Sunday!!!! Sooo I talked to them and they were all nice so maybe we will go visit them this week. But I am pretty scared to go see them because of everything that happened. But the Bishop wants us to go so I will just have to swallow my pride and go. 

This last week I got to go to my first area in Cultral Co because the Hermanas there were having a hard time finding new investigators. So we went and I introduced them to my investigators. That was sooo fun to see them and they remembered me and they were sooo happy to see me.  

I am soooo excited for you guys to come here. Our little trip is going to be soooo great! Don't be scared! The worst thing that could happen is that we will get lost. hahahah Nah that won't even happen. 

I am learning a lot in my studies about faith and why it is important to ask even if it is not the will of God. Look at when Christ was suffering in Gethsemane. He asked that God would take away his pain. But I still don't understand why we have to ask. But I am learning that we need to keep asking. Just asking is an act of faith.

Last week the couple we were teaching (that were going to get baptized this Saturday) didn't want to get married and now they are avoiding us... So that made me sad. I cried and cried and prayed that God would help us find someone else and right afterward we found an old investigator named Camila. She is super great and cute and is going to get baptized 2 de abril!!!! So that will be fun. That would be cool if you guys could go to a baptism when you get here.... hmmm I will have to work extra hard hahaha. 

Don't worry about the date for the sealing in Chile. It won't be sent in stone until a week before sooo we probably won't go.

Yesterday we shared a spècial presentation in church with the adultos and youth! It turned out awesome. The Spirit was soooo strong and we gave every member a tarjeta to share with their friends with the church's new video of Easter. They are going to invite their friends to an activity in the church on Saturday. And we also are in charge of the Sacrament meeting on Sunday. I have to play the piano all the time!!! I really am not good. hahaha But it is all we've got. Tell the kids to practice the PIANO. It is something you need to know BRAYDEN!! hahahah But really, learn it. 

Anyways I am great.  Keep praying that we can have 8 baptisms this week! That is our BIG Goal!!! 
Love you all,
Hermana Bailey

> hey mom!!! Can you buy A CTR Ring- a really cute one for my companion? She would love that. And maybe some cheap CTR rings to give away. And I love the idea of the pictures of Christ to give my converts. I want one of when Jesus is getting baptized by John the Baptist. I think it's the one that is in the Oaker Mountain Temple. It is the newer one. That would be cool to give to one of my investigators. And one of the Buenos Aires temple would be awesome for Matias and Joy. And other pictures of Christ are awesome. Any cool things that you see, buy them. People here will love everything. Do you have any other questions for packing?  Do I need to register for classes at BYU or no? Love you

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 14, 2016

Last conference with the leaders of the mission :(

Okay Family!!!
This week was super awesome!! I learned a lot. My companion is super awesome. She works soooo hard. I am losing weight!!! Luckily!! hahahah Everyone is saying "Wow Hermana, you're getting skinny!!! That's awesome!! Super great! ahahaha 

Anyway, we are trying to baptize 8 people before I go home. I have to do that to reach the goal I set at Christmas! We are working sooo hard. We have a couple that is really close to getting baptized. They just need to get married. Yesterday they said they were going to go to church but then they sent us a message that said they couldn't because their kid was sick. And so we just went to their house anyway to take them to church and they came out!!! And they got ready and went to church!!! It was a miracle. This always happens. Something good is about to happen and then satan just puts something in the way!!  That is when we have to act in faith and not give up. Ugh it is sooo draining. 

I don't have a lot of time but the time in the mission is just passing by sooo fast. Luckily my companion is really focused in the work and it helps me keep pushing and to not give up. Last week people from Buenos Aires came to Zapala and filmed us in our ward because we are having soooo much success.  They are going to use this video and share it all over to help the church! So I will be famous in the church!!! hahahah cool huh. This all happened the first day with my comp. hahahah. Welcome to Zapala Hermana Dandaluz. We work sooo well here that we get to teach people all over the church what we are doing!!! Coool huh? 

Anyway, so that is about all. I love you all. Send all your questions to the office.   Or maybe Uncle Ron can make phone calls?? Sorry or the office can. In the worst case we will just worry about it when your get here. Anyways, keep working hard.
Love you,
Hermana Bailey

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Last Transfer!!!!

Hola Familia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooo today we had transfers. Hermana Bitton is getting on a plane to go home!!! 
I have 6 more weeks and I am finishing my mish with a Latina!! I'm super excited! I told Presidente that I wanted a Latina to help me with my Spanish and he sent me one! She is from Paraguay and her name is Hermana Dandaluz. She is soooo cute. I know her already so that makes thing easier. She has 10 months in the mission and she is super sweet and super spiritual. We were talking about why she came on the mission and it gave me the chills. She talked about how our future children are really strong spirits that God has chosen and we have to be strong spirits to raise them in this horrible world. I am sooooo excited to apply everything I am learning into the real life. 

I am super glad that your kidney stone is not going to prevent you from coming! I am soooo excited. There is a family that we reactivated and they are progressing a ton. The wife just got called as the 2nd counselor in the Young Women. They are going to get sealed as a family in April in Chile and we could go with them if you want. I would love to go!!!! How would you feel about driving to Chile? It could be 6 hours. I think it will be super special to see this family and support them, but how do you feel? Would that be a possibility? I feel like we will be traveling a lot. 

Thanks for telling me to ask for things when I pray because I was trying this new thing to just give thanks and not ask for anything. I feel like God was trying to tell me it's okay to ask and then he had to talk to you because I was not listening! I am soooo hard hearted sometimes.... It's a good thing I have an awesome mom who listens to the Spirit for me. hahaha. 

So I am not too worried about accepting or rejecting the acceptance to BYU Provo yet.. I don't know what I am going to do... So use your awesome connection you have. You can pick which school I go to... hahahah just kidding. But can I just wait to choose when I get home? 

This week was good, but a little bit slower with the work. I feel like my companion was ready to go home. Now I am soooo excited to finish my mish with a new Latina who has a ton of desire to work. The bishop here is super awesome. He just keeps bringing so many new miracles. We have reactivated like 4 families and now we just need to find more people. The hard part and sad story is that they closed my area in Bariloche so now there are not any missionaries there:( 

To answer you about my homecoming talk. Yes, Mother's Day would be good.  I could talk about the importance of mothers!!!! That would be awesome. But I am super happy with whatever day. That would make things crazy for you on your day soooo maybe another. Whatever

I don't know what else to say but the thing I have learned this week is that rules and commandments are sooo important and that we should never justify breaking one rule because it gets that much easier to break the next commanment. Sooo let us all be 100 percent obedient to God's commandments because it is for our benefit. 

Love you all and HOPEY, HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!! Feliz cumple año!!! You are soooo big!!!! 9??? When I was home Serenity was 9. Everyone is soooo big.  I love you soooo much and I love your pictures. You are sooo beautiful. 

Have a great week,
Hermana Bailey 
Dad, 1 more Fast Sunday!!! 

Monday, March 7, 2016

February 29, 2016

Intercambios (Exchanges) with Hermana Parris my MTC Comp.

Hey you know what? We are so connected even though we live across the world from each other. Serenity was having a nose bleed and so was I. It is so dry and dusty here. The other day we were out working and my nose started to bleed.... we didn't have anything in my bag, not a tissue or anything except.... yes.... a tampon! So i put that in my nose... and we ran home. Well the tampon filled with blood within 10 minutes and we were still 5 min away from the apt. I had nothing so I ran home and that made it bleed worse. I got blood on my coat and all over me.... hahaha soooo embarassing. My companion was running behind me with our bags and I was running with blood everywhere.  Soooo funny. 

Then last night my right side of my back was hurting super bad like where my kidney is... (nothing serious) but it is weird because Mom you were having kidney pain and so I was too. (hahahah soooo crazy) 

Uhhhh but yeah Mom, make sure you get that fixed before coming out here because in Argentina the hospitals.... ummm yeah, not a pretty sight. Sooooo lets not take a visit to the doctors here in Argentina! 

So yesterday we were teaching an investigator and he at first was not interested. We told him that if he wants to be happy, he needs to read the Book of Mormon and he will notice a difference in his life. Later he prayed and asked God which church is true and then he had lots of desire to read the Book of Mormon.  He said when he read it he read a page that said the church is the only true church on the earth! And he said that he loves how he feels in his life and he is never going to stop reading it! And he is going to get baptized in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOLLLLLL!  Huge miracle. 

Then yesterday we didn't have any investigator in church. Sooo we had to leave to go find the people that said they were going to come but didn't end up coming.  We went to a lady's house. She didn't really want to go but I was just praying soooo hard and she ended up coming!! Such a miracle!!! God is real we just have to believe in Him and His power.

This week I was learning a lot about enjoying the moment and not trying to take the "plant out of the dirt before it is time" hahah Elder Bednar came to BA and he talked to us as missionaries. He talked about not being too hard on ourselves and trusting in God and doing all that we can. We just asked questions and we were able to hear the answers from him and the leaders from Argentina! super cool. 

My comp. goes home in 1 week-sooo crazy!  I am just about to my last month mark and I am starting to really realize that the mish is just a short amount of time.  I dont feel ready to leave these people here in Argentina.  But we won't worry about that yet! 

I got into BYU?! That is awesome!

Love you all sooo much and hope you have a great week! 

Hermana Bailey

Sunday, February 28, 2016

God Has More Power Than satan

Uggg the first recording won't send!! I will try it again but if not, you got the better part of the recording. I hope you get my recordings because it explains my whole week!

(Here is a link to the recording that did send. When you get to the site, look for Feb 22, 2016, God is More Powerful)

I am doing great. We had a great baptism and I just love how God is working and how satan is doing everything he can to stop it but we and the members are just ignoring him and it is awesome!!!!! I love this!
We right now are just really hoping we can get one more person to get baptized before my comp goes home in 2 weeks. That is when we will have transfers. I asked the presidente in the interviews if he could give me a Latina as my last companion because I have had mostly Gringas so that will be cool if I end with a Latina!!!!

So tons of people wrote me this week and they are all asking me what my plans are when I get home .... I STILL HAVE 2 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha It is getting so hard to stay focused! I just want to baptize. We are doing great and having tons of success.

I am super glad you went to the basketball game. That is more important. And wow! Cool miracle about the car. That is Satan trying to stop you and you guys just are strong in the gopsel so it doesn't even affect you.

Jonathan is going on his mish in 2 weeks. Can you send him this before he goes...

Congrats on your mission call. You are about to do the best thing you  have ever done your entire life. I heard the missions in the states are the best! You get a ton of help from the members. That is how you are going to baptize is through the help of the members. 
Words of advice: Don't feel like your life as you know it now is coming to an end. It is not! You are just going on a vacation. Now write down why you are going on a mission so that when the hard moments come you can remember why you are really in the mission. Start the mission 100 percent obedient. And learn and absorb every moment. This time that you have to become and do what the Lord wants from you is super short. Don't waste one second. You don't want to go home with regrets. Remember the things that are hard or seem hard start in your head. Focus on the positve and the many miracles that your Father in the Heaven has in store for you. Saying goodbye to friends and family is super hard but the friends you make on your mish become family! It is worth evey sec. Take this from your cousin who will soon be coming home. It is the best decision I have ever made!!!
Love Hermana Bailey in Argentina 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Loving Life!

Valentines Day

This week was sooo good! I seriously have everything I need. At times I want to go home because I am soo excited about the person I have become and I can't wait to apply all this knowledge as a normal member! But I listen to all your emails and realize that the real world is not perfect and that I need to enjoy the perfect world I am in. Time is just going by so fast. I was reading a letter from Uncle Ron from the beginning of my mission when I was really struggling. He wrote a little about the end of my mission and about how I will feel a pain in my heart to think about saying goodbye to these people. I didn't think this love could be sooo strong. I hate thinking about going home. 

But I am soooooo excited to have you and Dad here!!!!! I am hearing about so many cool things we can do. I just heard there is a cool zip line we can go do. And you go over a waterfall and you see like crystal clear water. Mom, start praying to get over your fear of heights because that would be sooo cool to do. How about you don't book any hotel and we just kinda go with it when you guys get here because I feel like we are going to want time in Bariloche, in Villa la Angostura and San Martin. I think it would be cool if we could rent a car for the whole time. But I guess we just can't leave the car in Bariloche when we fly to Buenos Aires.... or can we? Because I am going to have all my suitcases and I don't want to have to worry about that with taxis and busses. Email the office about all your questions. One of the elders from the office told me about a month ago that you hadn't been emailing him and asking questions about hotels and renting cars etc. Maybe you have done it now idk... but just ask them all your questions they can help:) 

So, my week.  We had 2 baptisms and this Saturday we will have another baptism of a girl who is 22 and she is sooo cute. She has 2 little kids and she used to be atheist. Now she is praying and reading the Book of Mormon and going to church. She didn't go to church yesterday but she felt really bad for not going so that means she is totally following the influence of the Spirit!!! sooooo great. The hard thing with her is that she doesn't answer her phone and so it is hard to teach her everything before her baptism. 

No, Valentines Day is nothing big here. Yes it exists but no one celebrates it. We did heart attacks to the members- sooo funny. We went to the Bishop's house and they heard us open their gate so we ran as fast as we could and they came out and saw us... hahahah super awkward. Then long story short we eventually got the hearts on the door and it was sooo funny. I am sooo excited for you guys to meet all these people. They are really like family. They give us fruit because the fruit trees are starting to produce. We went to the bishop's house for lunch the other day and there was a big bug flying around and we were all chasing the bug trying to kill it. hahaha  sooo funny. But we just have such a good relationship with the people. Then today we were trying to find a place that we could write the family and this lady offered to drive us. We had no idea who it was but she was super nice so we went. People are so nice. 

The hardest day this week was Thursday. I was so tired of the work and it was soooo windy. With all the dirt streets it just gets in your mouth, teeth and ears and nobody wanted to listen to us that day and so we were out in the cold wind ALL day! That was a day I was sooo ready to be home. hahaha But thank goodness for hard days because then I really enjoy good days. 

The baptism was soooo cute. I gave a talk about the Holy Ghost and it was sooo cute. I love the 2 girls that got baptized and their families. It was such a special day. God is giving us soo many blessings. We are baptizing sooo much. We are baptizing every weekend!! I love the work and I know that if we live the gospel 100 percent everyday not just Sundays, we will be happy people.  Big hug and kiss

Hermana Bailey

101 !!! (Feb 8 Letter)

Well this week was a good one. We are going to have 2 baptisms on Saturday!! And yesterday in church we broke through 100 on the attendance in church!!!! Soooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo excited about that. 
And all these miracles are happening because of the bishop. He is sooo awesome! The thing about him is he is sooo humble. He just does everything- everything that God asks but he doesn't do it for his own glory. He does it to glorify his God. It is soooo amazing. I want to become more like him. 

So everyone has the natural man, right? And our goal is to CRUSH it!! hahaha But sometimes I feel like it is really hard to push the natural feelings aside and do what we need to do or to do what God asks. I have been thinking a lot this week about the hymn "I Will Go Where You Want Me To Go Dear Lord"  yeah... that doesn't just mean to go to Argentina for 18 months. It means doing whatever God wants, what He asks and when He wants- not through my own knowledge. 

This weeks we went to Neuquen and had a conference with all the other mission leaders. We were there for 2 days and it was super hot!!! I thought my area was hot, but not even!! hahaha In Neuquen we slept with the window open and there were bugs in my bed. It was soooo gross. I felt things crawling in my bed and I would kill them and get bug guts all over my hands!! It was such a long night in the heat and bugs!! But when we got back to our area it was raining, so it is a lot cooler here than there. But it is still hot here. 

Today we are going to a forest so that should be fun. Yesterday was a long day. We were trying to find people to teach and it was 9pm and we had only taught 2 lessons all day and so we were walking home and we stopped and talked to a family and they let us in. That was fun. We taught them about there purpose here in the earth and they said we could come back on Tuesday and continue teaching them! Super great. I am really trying to stay positive and look at all the wonderful blessing that our Father in Heaven has given me. 

About the waterfall, no I have not heard of that but that would fun. Lets do it!!! Have you been studying Spanish? hahaha jk, but are you guys nervous about the language?  What is Aarons new email? Can you send me that?  Keep praying.  I am really hoping that we get 8 baptisms this month!!!!

Love you all!!! 
Hermana Bailey

Monday, February 1, 2016

Crazy Week!!!

Hey family!
Sooo this week was crazy! So we started out with some beautiful miracles.  The little boy that got baptized, his mom came back to church and the bishop asked his mom to give a talk and she said no. Then when we went to their house she said that she felt bad but that she is just scared. So we gave her some confidence building and she said she would do it. We helped her write the talk and she did awesome on Sunday. I was sooo proud. 

Oh and on Monday we went to a member's house. We were supposed to teach a members boyfriend but we went there and he wasn't there! But then the mom's sister was there so we taught her. She started to cry and told us that the night before she had been praying and asking God how she could receive forgiveness for her sins. WOW God answered her question soooo fast. But then the next day she wrote her sister that she liked the lesson but as of right now she doesn't want to keep listening to the missionaries! What the?!!! Some people are sooo hard hearted! But that is okay. God knows what he is doing. 

We are also teaching another member's friend and she is soooo cute. She is 22 has 2 kids and is sooo sweet.  She is sooo excited for her baptism and does the things we ask her to do like read, pray, go to church!!! She is so prepared! 

Then last week!!! I fasted for Mi___n to help him and  Ma__n get married because his mom has been really fighting them and getting mad at him for going to the Mormon church.  She told him she had a dream of him covered in dark fog and it overcame him... so pretty much I was super worried about him. We went to their house after the fast and he came out. I was sooo glad! We could talk to him find out what is going on from his mouth. He wasn't saying much so I told him that his girlfriend said that his  mom isn't too happy with him listening to us. He was all calm and said no she is fine I just want to stay in my religion. I will listen to you guys but we are going to get married in March and I just don't want to get baptized in your church. I wasn't too worried about him saying that. I was just happy that he said he would listen to us... But then we went and taught another lesson and we got 2 phone calls which we couldn't answer in the moment. When we got out of the lesson we saw that his girlfriend Ma__n had sent us like 4 really rude messages saying that we had crossed the line and that we should not have told him that stuff and that he was mad at her for telling us that his mom was mad... (super complicated) and that we couldn't go by their house anymore. I was sooo sad I cried and cried! Now I am feeling a little better. But just sooo sad because we worked so hard with them and now they are not even going to listen to us anymore :( I am learning so much, especially to be humble and realize this is God's work and not mine! 

Then yesterday we were walking to a lesson and a policeman called my companion and she had to be a witness for some robber and she had to see some really gross stuff!! hahahah Poor thing. I just laughed and laughed. Crazy Argentina! Always a new adventure. 

Hna Ringen- yes she got transfered here and I was her Hermana Lider for a week. But then there was an emergency transfer and she is in Neuquen now. She is sooo good and has 9 months in the mission!!!!! 

Aaron goes home on Monday! Pretty crazy. The time is just flying by. 

I think 1 day in BA will be good because I only really care to go to the temple, because I have no idea what else we can do. hahaha And it is a huge city so I don't think Dad will like it. And it isn't very safe. Did you buy the tickets?!!! AHHHH are you sooo excited!!!! heheheheh I am sooo excited:) 

Thanks for sending the application for me. You're the best. Tell Hope that is awesome about her video. I hope you all have a great week. Just remember to do your visiting teaching and visit the less actives that live next door and invite them over for a family home evening. It really makes a difference. You probably don't think it will but it does! Big hug and kiss! 
Hermana Bailey

Monday, January 25, 2016

So Much Success

Dear Beautiful Family!!!

How are you all? I am doing good here in Argentina. So transfers came and went. I am going to be with Hermana Bitton another 6 weeks. That means we will be together for 20 weeks of my mission. That is like 5 months! Long time no??? hahaha But its all good. We get along.  She is more calm and really smart and good at teaching, so those are kinda of my weaknesses and she completes me. I am trying to learn all I can from her because God is obviously trying to teach me something! I am just a little frustrated. I am trying sooooo hard to give my all.  I realize I go home soon and it stresses me out a little and so I naturally just work harder.  There are so many people that need to hear our message but we just don't have enough time in the day to do it all. 

Buy the TICKETS. LETS DO THIS. hahahah I am sooo excited for you guys to come!!! 

This week was a good week. We had 4 investigators in church! And 3 were friends of members!!!! Yeah freaking awesome!!! The members are getting sooo excited. Yesterday my companion and I had to write a letter to the area of Argentina about what we are doing and why we are having so much success so they can teach missionaries all over Argentina what we are doing! Sweet huh??? 

The couple we are teaching that are getting married in Feb, well the guy (Milton) his mom is Baptist and she talked to her pastor and told him that her son is going to the Mormon church. The pastor was sooo mad. He told the mom that her son is in danger and that she has to stop her son because he is going to the devil's church and that he is in darkness. Milton told his mom, "I am confused, because your church says I can have a family now and the Mormons say I can have a family for eternity!" The mom freaked out and was sooo mad, and now she might not even go to their wedding. And Milton is a mommy's boy and now he stopped reading the Book of Mormon, so pray for him! I know satan is scared because they will be an awesome family in the gospel and satan is trying everything he can. And now Milton is not reading!!! Pray that he will read! Because if he does not read God will not be able to help him. They are awesome though and we are having sooo much success. I can't believe it. I love seeing these miracles.

And guess what else is awesome? My companion Hermana Ringen, the girl I trained, is coming to my area and so I will get to see her speak Spanish and see how she is working now that she has 8 months in the mish. Super excited. 
Thanks for the pictures. I have some fun ideas for the wedding now.
I am super happy for Kinz, and Brittany!!! So crazy so many changes!!!
I am praying for Katie, but I am not even worried about Katie or Tyson. I know that God loves them sooo much more than we do and that what he is doing is for their good. We have to have some hard things happen to us. I mean lets be honest. Our lives are almost perfect!!! hahahaha I love you all sooooo much and I will try and send the recording from 2 weeks ago... love you all
Hermana Bailey 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Vamos Arriba Familia!!!!!!!


This week was awesome! The bishop here in our area is awesome. I have transfers on Saturday and I should maybe only have one more area- maybe. I wouldn't be suprised if I end my mission here in this area. 
But our bishop is visiting our inverstigators and doing a ton. The ward is changing a ton. On Sunday we had 98 people! Normally it is 60. And 43 of them were less actives and 7 investigators!!! Sooo cool! We had ward counsel and the learders all said, "thank you for your work hermanas" and I just look at the bishop and think it is the bishop. He is doing a lot of visiting. The stake called our ward to ask what we are doing and we have to report to the area what we are doing here so they can teach the rest of the area!!! Cool huh!!! 

We had the baptism of Facundo. The grandpa, who was the president of the branch 30 years ago, baptized his grandson. He stopped smoking and drinking and is changing his life - the whole family! They love us a ton too. Today we are going to the forest with them! I love them soo much! 

Oh and our other investigators are going to get married in 1 month! They were going to get married in March but the bishop talked to them about keeping the commandments and now they are going to get married in 1 month. We have to plan it and they don't have any money either. Sooo, pictures from pinterest or whatever you can find of cheap weddings, send pictures!!! Sooo fun. Her wedding colors are black and silver! Then after the wedding, Milton the guy is going to get baptized!!!!!!! So many miracles!

I was reading in Mormon 7 this week about how God is a God of miracles . And YES he is!! We just need to ask and work the very hardest we know how. And family, I am learning the importance of callings. Read everything the church says about your callings and just do what it says, nothing more and nothing less. Then God can use you to do miracles.  Dad, finish in the stake presidency giving all you can. You can seriously help so many people come back to church just by visiting them. God knows that the stake needs you right now!!! VAMOS ARRIBA FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you all. Have a great week! 

Love Hermana Bailey

Oh and guess what?  This week we have a video for all the missionaries all over the world.  Cool huh?

Monday, January 4, 2016


Hermana Bitton

Happy New Year!!

I had a great week!! So this whole transfer I have been kinda stressed that I am not giving my all and wondering what more do I need to be doing before I go home. I only have 4 more months and it really causes me anxiety when I think about going home! I hate feeling like God sent me here to do something and I still haven't figured it all out. I know that Satan could be telling me all that to keep me discouraged and not animated. So yesterday I did a fast to help me know God's will so that He can help me know what more I can do. 

I am learning a lot about listening to my companion as a mentor and really learn from her good qualities.
My new year was fun. We taught some lessons, which was a miracle, because I thought everyone would be too busy to listen to us. Then we got to be done working at 6 and we went to the apartment and I slept for 1 hour!!! So great hahah! Then we went to a member's house (laura y gille). They are awesome. We played games and were with all the missionaries. We had to go to the pension at 10 so we watched fireworks in our pension. Then the next day we did a water fight with all the missionaries in the same house.

The next day there were 3 baptisms in our ward!!! it was sooo nice.  I will send pictures. It was 3 sisters and they have been listening to the lessons a long time and then my companion set the baptism date!! She is soooo great.  

So my companion was sad because we were walking alll day!!!!!!!!! And we went to a house and they weren't home either and so after that we sat down on the curb thinking what are we going to do. And then right after that, the family came running and said, "Sorry we are late, we came running." So it was a huge blessing that we sat down for 2 min before we left looking for other people. 

A week full of miracles! In church we had 4 investigators! It was a miralce. The members are helping us a lot right now and we are seeing soo many miralces. We are also going to do a family home evening with members and their friends this week!!! Woot woot Our next baptism will be 16 January. Anyways, I love you all and hope that you are working hard and trying to find that person to get baptized;) 

Oh sorry to hear about all the funerals. I will send extra prayers your way! Love you all sooo much.
Hermana Bailey

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!!

It was sooo fun to talk to you all!!! I already told you everything on Skype but just to tell you again I love you alll sooooo much!! You guys are sooo great!  I am sooo glad to have such a big support system! 

I am really trying to see what more God wants me to do... I feel like I am trying but I still feel like there is something I am missing. I don't really know what that thing is yet.  I need to fast and pray to find out what God wants me to do! I hope that I can figure it out before this transfer ends. 

Yesterday we went out with a less-active and we were going to teach her friend. She started going off about how the ward is suffering a lot right now and how they will probably need to combine the 2 wards here in Zapala instead of having 2 and that just made me soooo sad. I feel like God is moving his work forward but I feel like Satan sometimes is winning! But that is a lie! God always wins and I am sooo glad to be on his team. Hoorah!!! for Israel!!!! 

I hope you all have a good New Years. Oh yeah and for Christmas,  after I hung up the phone call, we went to a member's house with all the missionaries. It was really fun!  I love you all and hope you have a great week!!! 
Hermana Bailey

Feliz Navidad!

Hola family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feliz Navidad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So things here in Argentina are going great!!!! I am soooooo excited to talk to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will talk to you all on Friday the 25th at 1pm my time. Is that okay???? I am soooo excited!!!!!!!! 

Hey, so I met the family of Hermana Terry! They are sooo cute! I am sooo excited for you guys to come here!! Start practicing your Spanish hahah! 

So Grandma Bailey gave me 100 dollars in my bank account! She is sooo nice! I feel so blessed.  I can't think of 1 thing I want!!! Don't even worry about giving me a gift. The only thing I want is a family that is strong in the church and that loves God more than anything else! 
So just give me a letter of each of your testimonies!! And a list of goals that you are all going to do this next year that will help you grow more spiritually! hahaha

So this week was weird. It was like taking it back 1 year when I was with Hermana Bitton in Allen. We are doing great! She is a cutey. I think that I really have to learn something from her because God put us together again!!! I don't know why, but here we go. We are teaching this less active family right now and it really is their time to come back to church. It is soooo amazing. I love working with the Lord if that makes sense. He was preparing them all along. All we have to do is invite and teach and they do the rest!! It is so great to not feel like I am forcing someone to read the scriptures or go to church!!! And then the little 11 year old boy will get baptised hopefully in 2 weeks. 

I love the mission and I am sooo grateful for the talents that God has given me. My companion goes home in 2 months and she is super ready to go home!!! I feel bad for her that she is just kinda done with the mission. So pray for her and hopefully I can help her love the work! oh and the Christmas scripture is 2 Nephi 2 6-8 why Christ came:) I am soooooo grateful for you guys and Mom and Dad for always putting God first. I feel sooo blessed. Words cannot explain my gratefullness! Love you all and I'll talk to you on Friday 1pm my time:)