Monday, December 8, 2014

Information from the Mission President on sending letters and packages

Dear Missionary Families,

We know that missionaries love to receive emails, letters and packages from home.  We realize how important it is for missionaries to feel loved and remembered.  To help avoid problems in this regard, we have the following recommendations for your consideration:
1.      Place “Gift Money” on your missionary´s personal credit or debit card.  This is the easiest and safest way to give your missionary a gift for Christmas, his or her birthday or any other occasion.  There is no postage charge, no customs fee and no risk of a package being lost or arriving late.  Many missionaries have told us how much they enjoy being given money to buy a gift for themselves while here in Argentina.  We strongly urge you to consider this safe, inexpensive and convenient option instead of mailing a package to your missionary.

2.      Letters and Small Padded Envelopes.  If you send letters, cards or small padded envelopes to your missionary, it is best to send it to the mission office at the address below.  It normally requires two or three weeks for letters, cards or small padded envelopes to arrive in Argentina.  It may take an additional two weeks to be delivered to the missionary´s area of service.  Letters and small padded envelopes are not usually required to be screened through customs.  Please use this address to mail letters and small padded envelopes:

Elder or Sister Full Name of Missionary
             Misión Argentina Neuquén
             Zapla N 24 – Casilla de Correo 321
             8300 Neuquén
             Neuquén Argentina

3.      Large Padded Envelopes and other Packages.  The Area Presidency has requested that parents, family and friends refrain from mailing large padded enverlopes and other packages at this time.  Argentina is experiencing issues with importation of non-domestic products.  As a result, the country has imposed very strict regulations regarding packages sent from outside of the country.  The best way to mail gifts or other momentos is by using personal debit cards and placing the money in these accounts.  Please do not send large padded envelopes and other packages until further notice.

Thank you so much for considering these guidelines.  Please share these guidelines with family and friends who might be sending letters or packages to your missionary.
We love your missionaries and are so grateful for the privilege of working with them.
Best personal regards,
President and Sister Paul R. Lovell
Argentina Neuquén Mission

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