Thursday, March 24, 2016

March 21, 2016

Hey family!!!!
So time is just going by fast. Everyone just says "enjoy it, you're going to miss it."  Why is it that we always look for what is next coming in our lives when we have everything we ever need?  I bet God gets sooo frustrated with us as humans hahah.

My companion and I are working sooo hard. But our numbers don't really show our eforts. We aren't teaching very much... But we had a crazy thing that happened with the family that almost got married who got mad and said not to come to their house anymore. Well they are getting married this Friday and they came to church this Sunday!!!! Sooo I talked to them and they were all nice so maybe we will go visit them this week. But I am pretty scared to go see them because of everything that happened. But the Bishop wants us to go so I will just have to swallow my pride and go. 

This last week I got to go to my first area in Cultral Co because the Hermanas there were having a hard time finding new investigators. So we went and I introduced them to my investigators. That was sooo fun to see them and they remembered me and they were sooo happy to see me.  

I am soooo excited for you guys to come here. Our little trip is going to be soooo great! Don't be scared! The worst thing that could happen is that we will get lost. hahahah Nah that won't even happen. 

I am learning a lot in my studies about faith and why it is important to ask even if it is not the will of God. Look at when Christ was suffering in Gethsemane. He asked that God would take away his pain. But I still don't understand why we have to ask. But I am learning that we need to keep asking. Just asking is an act of faith.

Last week the couple we were teaching (that were going to get baptized this Saturday) didn't want to get married and now they are avoiding us... So that made me sad. I cried and cried and prayed that God would help us find someone else and right afterward we found an old investigator named Camila. She is super great and cute and is going to get baptized 2 de abril!!!! So that will be fun. That would be cool if you guys could go to a baptism when you get here.... hmmm I will have to work extra hard hahaha. 

Don't worry about the date for the sealing in Chile. It won't be sent in stone until a week before sooo we probably won't go.

Yesterday we shared a spècial presentation in church with the adultos and youth! It turned out awesome. The Spirit was soooo strong and we gave every member a tarjeta to share with their friends with the church's new video of Easter. They are going to invite their friends to an activity in the church on Saturday. And we also are in charge of the Sacrament meeting on Sunday. I have to play the piano all the time!!! I really am not good. hahaha But it is all we've got. Tell the kids to practice the PIANO. It is something you need to know BRAYDEN!! hahahah But really, learn it. 

Anyways I am great.  Keep praying that we can have 8 baptisms this week! That is our BIG Goal!!! 
Love you all,
Hermana Bailey

> hey mom!!! Can you buy A CTR Ring- a really cute one for my companion? She would love that. And maybe some cheap CTR rings to give away. And I love the idea of the pictures of Christ to give my converts. I want one of when Jesus is getting baptized by John the Baptist. I think it's the one that is in the Oaker Mountain Temple. It is the newer one. That would be cool to give to one of my investigators. And one of the Buenos Aires temple would be awesome for Matias and Joy. And other pictures of Christ are awesome. Any cool things that you see, buy them. People here will love everything. Do you have any other questions for packing?  Do I need to register for classes at BYU or no? Love you

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