Sunday, February 28, 2016

God Has More Power Than satan

Uggg the first recording won't send!! I will try it again but if not, you got the better part of the recording. I hope you get my recordings because it explains my whole week!

(Here is a link to the recording that did send. When you get to the site, look for Feb 22, 2016, God is More Powerful)

I am doing great. We had a great baptism and I just love how God is working and how satan is doing everything he can to stop it but we and the members are just ignoring him and it is awesome!!!!! I love this!
We right now are just really hoping we can get one more person to get baptized before my comp goes home in 2 weeks. That is when we will have transfers. I asked the presidente in the interviews if he could give me a Latina as my last companion because I have had mostly Gringas so that will be cool if I end with a Latina!!!!

So tons of people wrote me this week and they are all asking me what my plans are when I get home .... I STILL HAVE 2 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha It is getting so hard to stay focused! I just want to baptize. We are doing great and having tons of success.

I am super glad you went to the basketball game. That is more important. And wow! Cool miracle about the car. That is Satan trying to stop you and you guys just are strong in the gopsel so it doesn't even affect you.

Jonathan is going on his mish in 2 weeks. Can you send him this before he goes...

Congrats on your mission call. You are about to do the best thing you  have ever done your entire life. I heard the missions in the states are the best! You get a ton of help from the members. That is how you are going to baptize is through the help of the members. 
Words of advice: Don't feel like your life as you know it now is coming to an end. It is not! You are just going on a vacation. Now write down why you are going on a mission so that when the hard moments come you can remember why you are really in the mission. Start the mission 100 percent obedient. And learn and absorb every moment. This time that you have to become and do what the Lord wants from you is super short. Don't waste one second. You don't want to go home with regrets. Remember the things that are hard or seem hard start in your head. Focus on the positve and the many miracles that your Father in the Heaven has in store for you. Saying goodbye to friends and family is super hard but the friends you make on your mish become family! It is worth evey sec. Take this from your cousin who will soon be coming home. It is the best decision I have ever made!!!
Love Hermana Bailey in Argentina 

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