Monday, January 25, 2016

So Much Success

Dear Beautiful Family!!!

How are you all? I am doing good here in Argentina. So transfers came and went. I am going to be with Hermana Bitton another 6 weeks. That means we will be together for 20 weeks of my mission. That is like 5 months! Long time no??? hahaha But its all good. We get along.  She is more calm and really smart and good at teaching, so those are kinda of my weaknesses and she completes me. I am trying to learn all I can from her because God is obviously trying to teach me something! I am just a little frustrated. I am trying sooooo hard to give my all.  I realize I go home soon and it stresses me out a little and so I naturally just work harder.  There are so many people that need to hear our message but we just don't have enough time in the day to do it all. 

Buy the TICKETS. LETS DO THIS. hahahah I am sooo excited for you guys to come!!! 

This week was a good week. We had 4 investigators in church! And 3 were friends of members!!!! Yeah freaking awesome!!! The members are getting sooo excited. Yesterday my companion and I had to write a letter to the area of Argentina about what we are doing and why we are having so much success so they can teach missionaries all over Argentina what we are doing! Sweet huh??? 

The couple we are teaching that are getting married in Feb, well the guy (Milton) his mom is Baptist and she talked to her pastor and told him that her son is going to the Mormon church. The pastor was sooo mad. He told the mom that her son is in danger and that she has to stop her son because he is going to the devil's church and that he is in darkness. Milton told his mom, "I am confused, because your church says I can have a family now and the Mormons say I can have a family for eternity!" The mom freaked out and was sooo mad, and now she might not even go to their wedding. And Milton is a mommy's boy and now he stopped reading the Book of Mormon, so pray for him! I know satan is scared because they will be an awesome family in the gospel and satan is trying everything he can. And now Milton is not reading!!! Pray that he will read! Because if he does not read God will not be able to help him. They are awesome though and we are having sooo much success. I can't believe it. I love seeing these miracles.

And guess what else is awesome? My companion Hermana Ringen, the girl I trained, is coming to my area and so I will get to see her speak Spanish and see how she is working now that she has 8 months in the mish. Super excited. 
Thanks for the pictures. I have some fun ideas for the wedding now.
I am super happy for Kinz, and Brittany!!! So crazy so many changes!!!
I am praying for Katie, but I am not even worried about Katie or Tyson. I know that God loves them sooo much more than we do and that what he is doing is for their good. We have to have some hard things happen to us. I mean lets be honest. Our lives are almost perfect!!! hahahaha I love you all sooooo much and I will try and send the recording from 2 weeks ago... love you all
Hermana Bailey 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Vamos Arriba Familia!!!!!!!


This week was awesome! The bishop here in our area is awesome. I have transfers on Saturday and I should maybe only have one more area- maybe. I wouldn't be suprised if I end my mission here in this area. 
But our bishop is visiting our inverstigators and doing a ton. The ward is changing a ton. On Sunday we had 98 people! Normally it is 60. And 43 of them were less actives and 7 investigators!!! Sooo cool! We had ward counsel and the learders all said, "thank you for your work hermanas" and I just look at the bishop and think it is the bishop. He is doing a lot of visiting. The stake called our ward to ask what we are doing and we have to report to the area what we are doing here so they can teach the rest of the area!!! Cool huh!!! 

We had the baptism of Facundo. The grandpa, who was the president of the branch 30 years ago, baptized his grandson. He stopped smoking and drinking and is changing his life - the whole family! They love us a ton too. Today we are going to the forest with them! I love them soo much! 

Oh and our other investigators are going to get married in 1 month! They were going to get married in March but the bishop talked to them about keeping the commandments and now they are going to get married in 1 month. We have to plan it and they don't have any money either. Sooo, pictures from pinterest or whatever you can find of cheap weddings, send pictures!!! Sooo fun. Her wedding colors are black and silver! Then after the wedding, Milton the guy is going to get baptized!!!!!!! So many miracles!

I was reading in Mormon 7 this week about how God is a God of miracles . And YES he is!! We just need to ask and work the very hardest we know how. And family, I am learning the importance of callings. Read everything the church says about your callings and just do what it says, nothing more and nothing less. Then God can use you to do miracles.  Dad, finish in the stake presidency giving all you can. You can seriously help so many people come back to church just by visiting them. God knows that the stake needs you right now!!! VAMOS ARRIBA FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you all. Have a great week! 

Love Hermana Bailey

Oh and guess what?  This week we have a video for all the missionaries all over the world.  Cool huh?

Monday, January 4, 2016


Hermana Bitton

Happy New Year!!

I had a great week!! So this whole transfer I have been kinda stressed that I am not giving my all and wondering what more do I need to be doing before I go home. I only have 4 more months and it really causes me anxiety when I think about going home! I hate feeling like God sent me here to do something and I still haven't figured it all out. I know that Satan could be telling me all that to keep me discouraged and not animated. So yesterday I did a fast to help me know God's will so that He can help me know what more I can do. 

I am learning a lot about listening to my companion as a mentor and really learn from her good qualities.
My new year was fun. We taught some lessons, which was a miracle, because I thought everyone would be too busy to listen to us. Then we got to be done working at 6 and we went to the apartment and I slept for 1 hour!!! So great hahah! Then we went to a member's house (laura y gille). They are awesome. We played games and were with all the missionaries. We had to go to the pension at 10 so we watched fireworks in our pension. Then the next day we did a water fight with all the missionaries in the same house.

The next day there were 3 baptisms in our ward!!! it was sooo nice.  I will send pictures. It was 3 sisters and they have been listening to the lessons a long time and then my companion set the baptism date!! She is soooo great.  

So my companion was sad because we were walking alll day!!!!!!!!! And we went to a house and they weren't home either and so after that we sat down on the curb thinking what are we going to do. And then right after that, the family came running and said, "Sorry we are late, we came running." So it was a huge blessing that we sat down for 2 min before we left looking for other people. 

A week full of miracles! In church we had 4 investigators! It was a miralce. The members are helping us a lot right now and we are seeing soo many miralces. We are also going to do a family home evening with members and their friends this week!!! Woot woot Our next baptism will be 16 January. Anyways, I love you all and hope that you are working hard and trying to find that person to get baptized;) 

Oh sorry to hear about all the funerals. I will send extra prayers your way! Love you all sooo much.
Hermana Bailey

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!!

It was sooo fun to talk to you all!!! I already told you everything on Skype but just to tell you again I love you alll sooooo much!! You guys are sooo great!  I am sooo glad to have such a big support system! 

I am really trying to see what more God wants me to do... I feel like I am trying but I still feel like there is something I am missing. I don't really know what that thing is yet.  I need to fast and pray to find out what God wants me to do! I hope that I can figure it out before this transfer ends. 

Yesterday we went out with a less-active and we were going to teach her friend. She started going off about how the ward is suffering a lot right now and how they will probably need to combine the 2 wards here in Zapala instead of having 2 and that just made me soooo sad. I feel like God is moving his work forward but I feel like Satan sometimes is winning! But that is a lie! God always wins and I am sooo glad to be on his team. Hoorah!!! for Israel!!!! 

I hope you all have a good New Years. Oh yeah and for Christmas,  after I hung up the phone call, we went to a member's house with all the missionaries. It was really fun!  I love you all and hope you have a great week!!! 
Hermana Bailey

Feliz Navidad!

Hola family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feliz Navidad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So things here in Argentina are going great!!!! I am soooooo excited to talk to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will talk to you all on Friday the 25th at 1pm my time. Is that okay???? I am soooo excited!!!!!!!! 

Hey, so I met the family of Hermana Terry! They are sooo cute! I am sooo excited for you guys to come here!! Start practicing your Spanish hahah! 

So Grandma Bailey gave me 100 dollars in my bank account! She is sooo nice! I feel so blessed.  I can't think of 1 thing I want!!! Don't even worry about giving me a gift. The only thing I want is a family that is strong in the church and that loves God more than anything else! 
So just give me a letter of each of your testimonies!! And a list of goals that you are all going to do this next year that will help you grow more spiritually! hahaha

So this week was weird. It was like taking it back 1 year when I was with Hermana Bitton in Allen. We are doing great! She is a cutey. I think that I really have to learn something from her because God put us together again!!! I don't know why, but here we go. We are teaching this less active family right now and it really is their time to come back to church. It is soooo amazing. I love working with the Lord if that makes sense. He was preparing them all along. All we have to do is invite and teach and they do the rest!! It is so great to not feel like I am forcing someone to read the scriptures or go to church!!! And then the little 11 year old boy will get baptised hopefully in 2 weeks. 

I love the mission and I am sooo grateful for the talents that God has given me. My companion goes home in 2 months and she is super ready to go home!!! I feel bad for her that she is just kinda done with the mission. So pray for her and hopefully I can help her love the work! oh and the Christmas scripture is 2 Nephi 2 6-8 why Christ came:) I am soooooo grateful for you guys and Mom and Dad for always putting God first. I feel sooo blessed. Words cannot explain my gratefullness! Love you all and I'll talk to you on Friday 1pm my time:)