Monday, February 15, 2016

101 !!! (Feb 8 Letter)

Well this week was a good one. We are going to have 2 baptisms on Saturday!! And yesterday in church we broke through 100 on the attendance in church!!!! Soooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo excited about that. 
And all these miracles are happening because of the bishop. He is sooo awesome! The thing about him is he is sooo humble. He just does everything- everything that God asks but he doesn't do it for his own glory. He does it to glorify his God. It is soooo amazing. I want to become more like him. 

So everyone has the natural man, right? And our goal is to CRUSH it!! hahaha But sometimes I feel like it is really hard to push the natural feelings aside and do what we need to do or to do what God asks. I have been thinking a lot this week about the hymn "I Will Go Where You Want Me To Go Dear Lord"  yeah... that doesn't just mean to go to Argentina for 18 months. It means doing whatever God wants, what He asks and when He wants- not through my own knowledge. 

This weeks we went to Neuquen and had a conference with all the other mission leaders. We were there for 2 days and it was super hot!!! I thought my area was hot, but not even!! hahaha In Neuquen we slept with the window open and there were bugs in my bed. It was soooo gross. I felt things crawling in my bed and I would kill them and get bug guts all over my hands!! It was such a long night in the heat and bugs!! But when we got back to our area it was raining, so it is a lot cooler here than there. But it is still hot here. 

Today we are going to a forest so that should be fun. Yesterday was a long day. We were trying to find people to teach and it was 9pm and we had only taught 2 lessons all day and so we were walking home and we stopped and talked to a family and they let us in. That was fun. We taught them about there purpose here in the earth and they said we could come back on Tuesday and continue teaching them! Super great. I am really trying to stay positive and look at all the wonderful blessing that our Father in Heaven has given me. 

About the waterfall, no I have not heard of that but that would fun. Lets do it!!! Have you been studying Spanish? hahaha jk, but are you guys nervous about the language?  What is Aarons new email? Can you send me that?  Keep praying.  I am really hoping that we get 8 baptisms this month!!!!

Love you all!!! 
Hermana Bailey

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