Monday, January 25, 2016

So Much Success

Dear Beautiful Family!!!

How are you all? I am doing good here in Argentina. So transfers came and went. I am going to be with Hermana Bitton another 6 weeks. That means we will be together for 20 weeks of my mission. That is like 5 months! Long time no??? hahaha But its all good. We get along.  She is more calm and really smart and good at teaching, so those are kinda of my weaknesses and she completes me. I am trying to learn all I can from her because God is obviously trying to teach me something! I am just a little frustrated. I am trying sooooo hard to give my all.  I realize I go home soon and it stresses me out a little and so I naturally just work harder.  There are so many people that need to hear our message but we just don't have enough time in the day to do it all. 

Buy the TICKETS. LETS DO THIS. hahahah I am sooo excited for you guys to come!!! 

This week was a good week. We had 4 investigators in church! And 3 were friends of members!!!! Yeah freaking awesome!!! The members are getting sooo excited. Yesterday my companion and I had to write a letter to the area of Argentina about what we are doing and why we are having so much success so they can teach missionaries all over Argentina what we are doing! Sweet huh??? 

The couple we are teaching that are getting married in Feb, well the guy (Milton) his mom is Baptist and she talked to her pastor and told him that her son is going to the Mormon church. The pastor was sooo mad. He told the mom that her son is in danger and that she has to stop her son because he is going to the devil's church and that he is in darkness. Milton told his mom, "I am confused, because your church says I can have a family now and the Mormons say I can have a family for eternity!" The mom freaked out and was sooo mad, and now she might not even go to their wedding. And Milton is a mommy's boy and now he stopped reading the Book of Mormon, so pray for him! I know satan is scared because they will be an awesome family in the gospel and satan is trying everything he can. And now Milton is not reading!!! Pray that he will read! Because if he does not read God will not be able to help him. They are awesome though and we are having sooo much success. I can't believe it. I love seeing these miracles.

And guess what else is awesome? My companion Hermana Ringen, the girl I trained, is coming to my area and so I will get to see her speak Spanish and see how she is working now that she has 8 months in the mish. Super excited. 
Thanks for the pictures. I have some fun ideas for the wedding now.
I am super happy for Kinz, and Brittany!!! So crazy so many changes!!!
I am praying for Katie, but I am not even worried about Katie or Tyson. I know that God loves them sooo much more than we do and that what he is doing is for their good. We have to have some hard things happen to us. I mean lets be honest. Our lives are almost perfect!!! hahahaha I love you all sooooo much and I will try and send the recording from 2 weeks ago... love you all
Hermana Bailey 

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