Monday, November 30, 2015

Miracle of the Day Audio Clip

To listen: Click on the link below and then on the file in the Miracle of the Day folder.

Miracle of the Day

November 30, 2015

Hey family! 
So glad you got my voice recording! I am doing good. My companion is going home in 2 weeks so that has been kinda hard. I am really trying to stay focused, but it is really hard because I feel like I should be going home with her! hahaha But not even close! 5 more months! hahaha

But that is okay because We HAD A BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo happy. It is a guy named Gustavo. He has been ready to get baptized for 5 months. But because of complications with his divorce he couldn't get baptized because he had a girlfriend and so he technically was committing adultery. So he couldn't ever get baptised, but then Presidente came with us to the lesson and gave us the OK and he got baptized. 

I loved the pictures. Serenity and Hope are sooooo big. They are not little girls anymore! 

Thanksgiving wasn't a hard day for me luckily! Holidays are usually hard, but this one wasn't. We ate soup at night. Soooo good. Hahaha nothing too special.  And it isn't a holiday here so it was just a normal day. 
Mom you should invite the missionaries over for Christmas because as of right now we don't have anywhere to go for Christmas so that is kinda sad... But maybe they are going to do something with all the missionaries idk. 

Anyways,  this week we taught 21 lessons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah that was a goal for like 5 months and weeee did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was 9:30 last night and we were short one lesson. We only had a short amount of time and we didn't have a lesson planned or anything. We went to an investigator's house. She said she didn't have time for us at that moment so we just shared something with her outside and asked him if we could say a prayer!!! And he said okay hahahahah.  So we just did a lesson outside at the very last second we could.  Such a miracle. 

Hey is it too late for me to apply to BYU Provo??? I don't know what I am going to do after just thinking of my options. 

This week we didn't have 1 investigator go to church! So frustrating I feel like we seriously are trying so hard! I don't know how to help people get a desire to go to church! 

Hey look at the pictures from my comp. She said she was going to send them.  homboy is huge!!! It took 2 elders to baptize him and he had to do it on his knees and they seriously had all 4 hands pushing him under the water!  
The pictures are of a birthday party yesterday of a member! And my shoe!!!! yeah it totally broke! I will send a picture of that. We got real creative. We took the wrap from my water bottle (only thing we had in the street) and wrapped it around my shoe so it would stay on. But don't worry Mom. I have 3 other shoes. Just funny #missionarylife. 

Love you all. I hope you have a good week and yes!!! keep reading the scriptures. When you do that everything else falls into place. Oh and yes Mom.  I would love your car.  heheheh Besides that I am broke!!!!!!! hahaha 
Have you bought tickets to come to Argentina??  Do you have questions? 
Love you tons and hope you have a good week!
Hermana Bailey

Monday, November 23, 2015

Audio Clip

Okay I don't have a lot of time so I hope this audio message gets to you guys. It explains my week. Thanks for the advice Mom.  I will have to try it.
I love you all so much.  I am super happy. The weather here is nice. Mom in a package yes just send it to the office. Send me some more stickers and Jolly Ranchers and some yummy smelling lotion :) But don't send a package huge because we do have to pay to receive it. Don't worry too much but I just told you that so you won't send a huge one! That will be the best Christmas present. This week was sooo awesome.  Anyways, love you tons and hope all is well.      
            Here is the link to the audio files.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

November 16, 2015

My new area is a lot like Cultral Co where I started my mission.   I don't know if you can see my house in Google map. It is nice. I have a laundry machine!!! Huge miracle!!!!  The place is 2 stories and super hot upstairs! But I am loving the heat!! Enserio! It is the best. There is a LOT of wind!!!! So it doesn't ever get way way hot.  But it is hot.

My companion is fun.  But she is kinda mean... hahaha I just dont let things she says get to me.  We do get along.  We laugh a lot and she teaches the gospel really well and she is helping me with my Spanish a lot.  And she cooks really well so we are doing great.  Don't worry about me.  Her parents are coming to get her here in Argentina and she told me she wished she had extended her mission. I was thinking about it. I love the mission, but I think I will just go home when it is time. I was debating the fact all week but I think that I am just going to come home when it is time.  

I am in another city today with some hermanas. We are doing exchanges de campanions so I forgot my camera. Sorry, I will send pictures next week. 

I love the members here. They are sooo nice. So much love!! I love our investigators. I am learning so much! I have seen Gods hand in so many things. It is soo fun to hear of things that go on outside of our lessons. It's hard to explain, but God is in complete control. He is preparing everything. We as missionaries do nothing, I feel like. Sometimes it frustrates me because I see everything that I want to have happen and I can't force people to do things!  We have a goal as a mission to teach 21 lessons in a week and normally we teach 13 but this week we taught 18!!!! Almost! We will get it for sure this week. 

Saturday we were walking to contact someone and my companion said lets try this less active and try and teach his non member wife. So we went over there and the wife was outside, pregnant and weeding this yard FULL of weeds. We said, "Hey can we help?" At first she was like "no!"   I really wanted to help her so I was just praying super hard that she would let us help. Then she said we could pass. Then we started to help her and her husband weed their yard! I am sooo grateful that you taught me some serious yard work.  I like cleared the whole yard! hahaha They were all laughing about how well I worked!!! I love yard work!  Keep making the little ones work because they will use this skill forever! And make them practice piano! I am sooo regretting my choice to not practice because Sacrament meeting is really embarrassing sometimes! 

Sorry, I know I am writting super bad! I just don't have a lot of time to fix my mistakes.  I hope you can undserstand what I am trying to say. 

So then, after cleaning the yard they invited us to their house yesterday to eat something so we brought stuff to make banana bread! (people don't eat that here). They had 2 friends over. We taught them all the restoration and related it to the banana bread and it was sooo spiritual. I knew they felt the Spirit. We asked if we could pass by to their house and teach them another day and the lady was mean. She said no!!!! My companion and I did not know what to say. We just looked and had nothing to say.   Then my companion just bore her testimony and started to cry! It was sad, but God has everything in his hands. 

The thing I am struggling with this week is that we spend like 2 hours at lunch and the rule is we can't be at lunch longer than 1 hour!  The members here are super laid back and start cooking when we get to their house! I feel bad to tell them that we can't be there longer than 1 hour because they are being so nice to make us lunch.  idk... I hope that made sense. Any advise??? 

My companion is great but she is more laid back like Hermana Miller so it doesn't really bother her. But I know we could be working harder than we are... any advise? Anyways, sorry if I was negative! We really had a great week.

I love you so much! (hehehe and make Brayden go on dates with other girls before he gets too serious with this girl! hahaha) 
Just so you know I told all the women in the ward here what you did and they loved it!!! They hopefully will learn from your efforts! 

Love, Hermana Bailey

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Pictures of Leader Conference and zone conference from Mission Blog

November 9, 2015

Shopping cart we took to our pension because we didn't want to carry all our bags... haha Don't worry, we brought it back. 

Hey family! 

I hope all is well! I am doing great here in my new area. It is super hot.  I am getting sunburned and all! Por Fin!!!! 
We are teaching a lot of people right now. We have a guy that we are teaching that is like a member.  He knows everything about the gospel but can't get baptized. It is a long story.. So he got divorced and he signed the papers and his wife signed the papers but they are waiting for the judge to sign the papers and it is taking forever. He was living with this other girl because they can't get married.  I had the strong feeling to tell them that if they want God to help the judge to sign the papers that they had to obey the law of chastity and can't live together.. sooo they aren't living together anymore! Which is super awesome but they are still a couple like boyfriend and girlfriend.  I just want him to get baptized but because he is still (technically married) he can't get baptized.  Even though they are not doing anything bad.  Does that make sense because I am soooo frustrated. But that is okay. We are fasting that the judge will sign the papers and all will be well. 

Here in my new area the people are sooo nice. I can't even handle it. Of course the ward has some problems. We had ward counsel yesterday.  I just wanted to tell the Relief Society Presidente to stop complaining and help the members!!! Ugh I feel sooo helpless as a missionary sometimes. Because the ward needs some serious help but as missionaries we shouldn't do the job of the Relief Society President or Bishop.  Dad, in your opinion what is a good ward counsel and what do the missionaries do that is helpful?  I feel like I just go there and leave the exact same way I left. I love this area but now that I am in a poor area again it is like teaching people to not be lazy... kinda frustrating... It's like that thing that says the people take the people out of the slums but God takes the slums out of the people and then they take themselves out of the slums! So true.  This people really need God's help to take themselves out of the slums. We are teaching this one family. The Dad does drugs and he wants to change but the poor wife doesn't think he can so we are working with them a lot right now. 

I gave a talk in church yesterday. There was no electricity so I pretty much had to yell so that everyone could hear me. hahahah. This ward here is huge. It's a ward of like 80 or 90 -super awesome. We had a conference with President last week. It was sooo good. On our way home my companion and I tried to share the video of the restoration on the bus of 50 people but it didn't work so we ended up showing a mormon message instead. That was fun. Then my comp got way sick and threw up in the bus all over. It was disgusting!!! Hahhaha it was like chocolate.  And right before she threw up I was telling this man about the restoration and how this gospel brings happiness and then my comp threw up right next to him on the floor. It was soooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways that was about my week. Pray that we will baptize a lot this week and that we will be able to teach this conference of missionaries really good. :) hahaha and heads up Brayden- start learning piano... I have to play the piano in the ward here again... um yeah super embarassing... hehe love you all 
Hermana Bailey

P.S. Dad, Do you think I should extend? What's your opinion on that? I feel like I am just getting the hang of things and I hate to think of the mission ending. But I also have 6 more months so what's your opinion?

Transfer from Bariloche

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Sorry I didn't write yesterday.  We had transfers and so I was in the bus all day getting transfered to my new area. I was sad to leave Bariloche. You were right.  I learned to love the pèople just like I learned to love the people in Allen.  I got up to say my last testimony in Sacrament meeting and I started to cry right off the bat... I really grew to love the people so much.  It was soo cute-so many members got up and thanked me for my trabajo. The whole meeting wasn't about me, but I did definitely feel the love that the members have for me. They cried and I cried. I really feel like I gave my all in Bariloche. I left with no regrets. Hermana Worth and I had an investigator in church every Sunday besides the last Sunday!!! But we had 60 members come to church which was a really good outcome. We went around to all the houses of people I cared about and took pictures. It was such a fun day. 
After Sacrament meeting a member came up to me. He is the Patriarch and he came up to me and he said, "when you were giving your testimony I had the strongest impression to give you this reference. She is a friend of ours and lives in Zapala." He didn't give me very much information. But he just said "I know that with your faith you will be able to find her." It was sooo spiritual.  Then all these members started to come up to me and give me final hugs.  He looked at me and said that God was pleased with my work in Bariloche. 

I am really liking my new area. It is just like a normal city in Argentina. I am back in the poor area but I love it!!! I feel like a missionary. The people are so nice. They will listen to us!!!  haha- Our first contact this morning I was thinking,  "we have to talk fast before they run away..." haha but my companion was really tranquila and I was thinking, "What is she doing?!! We need to talk fast." But it turned out the lady was super nice and we have a lesson with her tomorrow. The people here are a lot more nice. But the down side to this area is they are more lazy and we have to try and change their human behavior... haha. But I am super excited about this area. I am the Hermana Lider here with Hermana Terry. She goes home this transfer so we are going to work sooo hard together right before she goes home.  Her blog is (

MOM I am soooooooo proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU TOTALLY invited him to meet the missionaries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!  Don't be nervous! This is his salvation you are offering him... don't be scared for one second!!! Just be your happy self. During dinner don't feel like you HAVE to talk about the gospel. Let the elders create a good friendly relationship but after dinner the elders will bring the Spirit and you can just testify!!!! I am soooo proud. If the lesson doesn't go good, don't even feel bad. God has a plan for the boy and He knows exactly what He needs to have happen. You are sooo awesome. Did you call the elders??? 

Oh I almost forgot - this week my comp. and I got to go to another Christian church... hahah So we were contacting and we found this man and his cute little family and he said if we would go to the church with him and his family then he would listen to what we had to say... So we called President and he said yes, sooooo we went!!! It was sooo cool. We had to wear these veils and the men and women were seperated and they were yelling Jesus gloria gloria. Then we knelt down and prayed and then we left. The next day we taught his family. The Spirit was there in all and he said he believed that Joseph was a prophet but then denied that our church was true... Then the Spirit left because it got to the point where we were just trying to prove whose church was true. We didn't fight, but it wasn't getting anywhere so we just said "sorry we have to leave, can we leave you with a prayer?" and he said, "yes but we will pray my way." and he made us put veils on our heads... ugh me and my companion were so mad!!! hahaha but over all it was a fun experience. 

Anyways, I love you so much.   Brayden, Congrats on basketball. Your girl is a cutey!!!!! details!!! Please!!! Anyways love you all. Oh and I love the costumes. Soooo cute and creative!!! Anyways home, you all have a good week! 

Hermana Bailey 
Happy birthday Mom!!!
The thing I love about Mom is that she is always concerned about others.  When I am having a hard time in the mission she always knows even when I don't tell her. And she receives revelation for me!!! Even though I am forever away! Tell her happy old birthday.  Mom your only half dead;) hahahah nah still living. love you lots!!! Have a happy birthday.  I am so proud to call you my Mom!!!