Thursday, January 21, 2016

Vamos Arriba Familia!!!!!!!


This week was awesome! The bishop here in our area is awesome. I have transfers on Saturday and I should maybe only have one more area- maybe. I wouldn't be suprised if I end my mission here in this area. 
But our bishop is visiting our inverstigators and doing a ton. The ward is changing a ton. On Sunday we had 98 people! Normally it is 60. And 43 of them were less actives and 7 investigators!!! Sooo cool! We had ward counsel and the learders all said, "thank you for your work hermanas" and I just look at the bishop and think it is the bishop. He is doing a lot of visiting. The stake called our ward to ask what we are doing and we have to report to the area what we are doing here so they can teach the rest of the area!!! Cool huh!!! 

We had the baptism of Facundo. The grandpa, who was the president of the branch 30 years ago, baptized his grandson. He stopped smoking and drinking and is changing his life - the whole family! They love us a ton too. Today we are going to the forest with them! I love them soo much! 

Oh and our other investigators are going to get married in 1 month! They were going to get married in March but the bishop talked to them about keeping the commandments and now they are going to get married in 1 month. We have to plan it and they don't have any money either. Sooo, pictures from pinterest or whatever you can find of cheap weddings, send pictures!!! Sooo fun. Her wedding colors are black and silver! Then after the wedding, Milton the guy is going to get baptized!!!!!!! So many miracles!

I was reading in Mormon 7 this week about how God is a God of miracles . And YES he is!! We just need to ask and work the very hardest we know how. And family, I am learning the importance of callings. Read everything the church says about your callings and just do what it says, nothing more and nothing less. Then God can use you to do miracles.  Dad, finish in the stake presidency giving all you can. You can seriously help so many people come back to church just by visiting them. God knows that the stake needs you right now!!! VAMOS ARRIBA FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you all. Have a great week! 

Love Hermana Bailey

Oh and guess what?  This week we have a video for all the missionaries all over the world.  Cool huh?

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