Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April 4, 2016

Argentine baby


Hey family!
Wasn't General Conference awesome!!! I loved it sooo much! We had some investigators come and the talks were just what our investigators needed. I felt like I needed to work harder and be even better.

How cool is the story about Serenity's inspiration. That goes to show how sensitive children are to the Spirit. That is so awesome! Good job Serenity.  Keep putting your trust in God and you will keep receiving answers that are directly from the Spirit. 

We have 5 people that can get baptized but we have to work super hard to see these miracles! I am trying and really focusing on baptism these next 2 weeks. We had an investigator come to conference that I didn't even know about until the end. She sent us a message telling us she loved it and I was like WHAT? You went?? hahah It was an awesome surprise. 

We had some crazy miracles this week. We found a family that we are teaching that have literally nothing. We went with a member and gave them food. They are sooo skinny and have been treated horribly by disgusting men.  I love that they talked about fathers in Conference! I feel that was so needed. I was so grateful to have a Dad who was exactly what Elder Christofferson described. I also loved the part that said 
"what if their story was your story?" I ask myself that everyday and we should all do that. With those words we are able to help others and really forget ourselves! 

Love you all. Mom and Dad have a good viaje. Good luck.  I will be praying for you! Serenity you will be great! 
Love, Hermana Bailey 

P.S. I love the idea of gifts for Presidente and his wife. You are so smart. I counted all the people we will be visiting and I counted about 30 so if you have 30 pictures we will be great. 
Things in especific...
Don't forget a good camera, my camera is acting weird so lets not rely on my camera.
If you have room, little statues of Christ or little things like that would be cool.  2 or 3 or little signs that say Las familias pueden ser eternas- it has to be in Spanish
Grandma gave us necklaces that said I am a Child of God once. If you could bring 3 of those its okay if those are in English.
If you can find 2 white botton shirts and 2 ties for the age of 11 and 8 that would be awesome and if you can find 3 little tags that say futuro misionero that would be awesome. I don't know if you can find those. If not no problem.
Make sure your phone plan will work here
Don't forget a license and a coat it is cold.
You guys might want to buy those head pillows for plane rides because the plane ride is horrible.
Make sure you have a GPS on your phone that will work here in Argentina.
Oh and don't forget a Spanish dictionary haha  

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