Monday, February 1, 2016

Crazy Week!!!

Hey family!
Sooo this week was crazy! So we started out with some beautiful miracles.  The little boy that got baptized, his mom came back to church and the bishop asked his mom to give a talk and she said no. Then when we went to their house she said that she felt bad but that she is just scared. So we gave her some confidence building and she said she would do it. We helped her write the talk and she did awesome on Sunday. I was sooo proud. 

Oh and on Monday we went to a member's house. We were supposed to teach a members boyfriend but we went there and he wasn't there! But then the mom's sister was there so we taught her. She started to cry and told us that the night before she had been praying and asking God how she could receive forgiveness for her sins. WOW God answered her question soooo fast. But then the next day she wrote her sister that she liked the lesson but as of right now she doesn't want to keep listening to the missionaries! What the?!!! Some people are sooo hard hearted! But that is okay. God knows what he is doing. 

We are also teaching another member's friend and she is soooo cute. She is 22 has 2 kids and is sooo sweet.  She is sooo excited for her baptism and does the things we ask her to do like read, pray, go to church!!! She is so prepared! 

Then last week!!! I fasted for Mi___n to help him and  Ma__n get married because his mom has been really fighting them and getting mad at him for going to the Mormon church.  She told him she had a dream of him covered in dark fog and it overcame him... so pretty much I was super worried about him. We went to their house after the fast and he came out. I was sooo glad! We could talk to him find out what is going on from his mouth. He wasn't saying much so I told him that his girlfriend said that his  mom isn't too happy with him listening to us. He was all calm and said no she is fine I just want to stay in my religion. I will listen to you guys but we are going to get married in March and I just don't want to get baptized in your church. I wasn't too worried about him saying that. I was just happy that he said he would listen to us... But then we went and taught another lesson and we got 2 phone calls which we couldn't answer in the moment. When we got out of the lesson we saw that his girlfriend Ma__n had sent us like 4 really rude messages saying that we had crossed the line and that we should not have told him that stuff and that he was mad at her for telling us that his mom was mad... (super complicated) and that we couldn't go by their house anymore. I was sooo sad I cried and cried! Now I am feeling a little better. But just sooo sad because we worked so hard with them and now they are not even going to listen to us anymore :( I am learning so much, especially to be humble and realize this is God's work and not mine! 

Then yesterday we were walking to a lesson and a policeman called my companion and she had to be a witness for some robber and she had to see some really gross stuff!! hahahah Poor thing. I just laughed and laughed. Crazy Argentina! Always a new adventure. 

Hna Ringen- yes she got transfered here and I was her Hermana Lider for a week. But then there was an emergency transfer and she is in Neuquen now. She is sooo good and has 9 months in the mission!!!!! 

Aaron goes home on Monday! Pretty crazy. The time is just flying by. 

I think 1 day in BA will be good because I only really care to go to the temple, because I have no idea what else we can do. hahaha And it is a huge city so I don't think Dad will like it. And it isn't very safe. Did you buy the tickets?!!! AHHHH are you sooo excited!!!! heheheheh I am sooo excited:) 

Thanks for sending the application for me. You're the best. Tell Hope that is awesome about her video. I hope you all have a great week. Just remember to do your visiting teaching and visit the less actives that live next door and invite them over for a family home evening. It really makes a difference. You probably don't think it will but it does! Big hug and kiss! 
Hermana Bailey

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