Monday, February 15, 2016

Loving Life!

Valentines Day

This week was sooo good! I seriously have everything I need. At times I want to go home because I am soo excited about the person I have become and I can't wait to apply all this knowledge as a normal member! But I listen to all your emails and realize that the real world is not perfect and that I need to enjoy the perfect world I am in. Time is just going by so fast. I was reading a letter from Uncle Ron from the beginning of my mission when I was really struggling. He wrote a little about the end of my mission and about how I will feel a pain in my heart to think about saying goodbye to these people. I didn't think this love could be sooo strong. I hate thinking about going home. 

But I am soooooo excited to have you and Dad here!!!!! I am hearing about so many cool things we can do. I just heard there is a cool zip line we can go do. And you go over a waterfall and you see like crystal clear water. Mom, start praying to get over your fear of heights because that would be sooo cool to do. How about you don't book any hotel and we just kinda go with it when you guys get here because I feel like we are going to want time in Bariloche, in Villa la Angostura and San Martin. I think it would be cool if we could rent a car for the whole time. But I guess we just can't leave the car in Bariloche when we fly to Buenos Aires.... or can we? Because I am going to have all my suitcases and I don't want to have to worry about that with taxis and busses. Email the office about all your questions. One of the elders from the office told me about a month ago that you hadn't been emailing him and asking questions about hotels and renting cars etc. Maybe you have done it now idk... but just ask them all your questions they can help:) 

So, my week.  We had 2 baptisms and this Saturday we will have another baptism of a girl who is 22 and she is sooo cute. She has 2 little kids and she used to be atheist. Now she is praying and reading the Book of Mormon and going to church. She didn't go to church yesterday but she felt really bad for not going so that means she is totally following the influence of the Spirit!!! sooooo great. The hard thing with her is that she doesn't answer her phone and so it is hard to teach her everything before her baptism. 

No, Valentines Day is nothing big here. Yes it exists but no one celebrates it. We did heart attacks to the members- sooo funny. We went to the Bishop's house and they heard us open their gate so we ran as fast as we could and they came out and saw us... hahahah super awkward. Then long story short we eventually got the hearts on the door and it was sooo funny. I am sooo excited for you guys to meet all these people. They are really like family. They give us fruit because the fruit trees are starting to produce. We went to the bishop's house for lunch the other day and there was a big bug flying around and we were all chasing the bug trying to kill it. hahaha  sooo funny. But we just have such a good relationship with the people. Then today we were trying to find a place that we could write the family and this lady offered to drive us. We had no idea who it was but she was super nice so we went. People are so nice. 

The hardest day this week was Thursday. I was so tired of the work and it was soooo windy. With all the dirt streets it just gets in your mouth, teeth and ears and nobody wanted to listen to us that day and so we were out in the cold wind ALL day! That was a day I was sooo ready to be home. hahaha But thank goodness for hard days because then I really enjoy good days. 

The baptism was soooo cute. I gave a talk about the Holy Ghost and it was sooo cute. I love the 2 girls that got baptized and their families. It was such a special day. God is giving us soo many blessings. We are baptizing sooo much. We are baptizing every weekend!! I love the work and I know that if we live the gospel 100 percent everyday not just Sundays, we will be happy people.  Big hug and kiss

Hermana Bailey

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