Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Last Transfer!!!!

Hola Familia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooo today we had transfers. Hermana Bitton is getting on a plane to go home!!! 
I have 6 more weeks and I am finishing my mish with a Latina!! I'm super excited! I told Presidente that I wanted a Latina to help me with my Spanish and he sent me one! She is from Paraguay and her name is Hermana Dandaluz. She is soooo cute. I know her already so that makes thing easier. She has 10 months in the mission and she is super sweet and super spiritual. We were talking about why she came on the mission and it gave me the chills. She talked about how our future children are really strong spirits that God has chosen and we have to be strong spirits to raise them in this horrible world. I am sooooo excited to apply everything I am learning into the real life. 

I am super glad that your kidney stone is not going to prevent you from coming! I am soooo excited. There is a family that we reactivated and they are progressing a ton. The wife just got called as the 2nd counselor in the Young Women. They are going to get sealed as a family in April in Chile and we could go with them if you want. I would love to go!!!! How would you feel about driving to Chile? It could be 6 hours. I think it will be super special to see this family and support them, but how do you feel? Would that be a possibility? I feel like we will be traveling a lot. 

Thanks for telling me to ask for things when I pray because I was trying this new thing to just give thanks and not ask for anything. I feel like God was trying to tell me it's okay to ask and then he had to talk to you because I was not listening! I am soooo hard hearted sometimes.... It's a good thing I have an awesome mom who listens to the Spirit for me. hahaha. 

So I am not too worried about accepting or rejecting the acceptance to BYU Provo yet.. I don't know what I am going to do... So use your awesome connection you have. You can pick which school I go to... hahahah just kidding. But can I just wait to choose when I get home? 

This week was good, but a little bit slower with the work. I feel like my companion was ready to go home. Now I am soooo excited to finish my mish with a new Latina who has a ton of desire to work. The bishop here is super awesome. He just keeps bringing so many new miracles. We have reactivated like 4 families and now we just need to find more people. The hard part and sad story is that they closed my area in Bariloche so now there are not any missionaries there:( 

To answer you about my homecoming talk. Yes, Mother's Day would be good.  I could talk about the importance of mothers!!!! That would be awesome. But I am super happy with whatever day. That would make things crazy for you on your day soooo maybe another. Whatever

I don't know what else to say but the thing I have learned this week is that rules and commandments are sooo important and that we should never justify breaking one rule because it gets that much easier to break the next commanment. Sooo let us all be 100 percent obedient to God's commandments because it is for our benefit. 

Love you all and HOPEY, HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!! Feliz cumple año!!! You are soooo big!!!! 9??? When I was home Serenity was 9. Everyone is soooo big.  I love you soooo much and I love your pictures. You are sooo beautiful. 

Have a great week,
Hermana Bailey 
Dad, 1 more Fast Sunday!!! 

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