Thursday, December 17, 2015

Audio Clip: My Week Dec 7th

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My Companion Went Home!!!!!!

Soooo family,

We had transfers!!! My companion finished her mission. Her family is here in Argentina. Soooo fun! I can't wait for you guys to get here! My new companion is.............. Hermana Bitton again!!! hahahha Can you believe it!!! She was my companion in Allen. We were together 8 weeks! And the thing that is even crazier is that she has already served in the area where we are now!! Yeah super crazy! I am super excited. I can just avoid the whole akward new companion get to know you thing. So that is good. It's like being with family for Christmas;) 

This week was super special. My companion and I had a baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was soooo cool. We were talking to this lady about how her son could get baptised, if he wanted. And the little boy said I will have to think about it. So then we were thinking he would get baptized in a couple of weeks.  Then on Tuesday we got a phone call while we were in a lesson and the Mom said that her son wanted to get baptized on Friday!!!!! So we were like UMMMMM OKAY :) :)         So we went to the house and brought the Primary President and planned the baptism. 
It was such a beautiful service.  After the little boy  got baptized he told his Mom that he felt super good and happy and that he wanted to share his testimony in front of everyone.  He got up there and said, "I know the church is true.  I know that God loves us." He just started to cry! It was sooo cute! I seriously loved it! The Spirit was sooo strong. The family is totally starting to come back to church! 

2 Big Miracles!!! 
So, right before the 6:00 baptism (remember we only had 1 day to plan) at 5:30 we still had not found baptism clothes. We had called everyone and all the wards here and nobody had baptism clothes. So we said a prayer and went to the baptism with my white shirt!!! It would just be a dress on this little boy. (very trashy lookin) Then we get there and there was a member there who had brought clothes. But she had brought men's white clothes. They were huge! The little boy arrived and the Mom, Grandma and Aunt were smarty pants. They used like one pin and fixed the clothes to fit the little boy and you didn't even notice the clothes were for a grown man!!! Soooo cool.  God seriously can do anything!!!!
Next Miracles
So, Saturday! We had to go to this member's house who lived 22 kilometros (14 miles) away from the city. We had to take the bus to get to their house and do a service project, but because it was Saturday, the bus wasn't coming back until 9 at night and we had to be back at 7.  So we tried to find people that could take us back in a car. But no one could so we called members for bikes!!! hahah We found 2 bikes and 2 helmets. My helmet had little cartoons from a little five year old. hahah.   We took the bikes in the bus so then the bus driver looks at us and asks, "Are you guys coming back on bikes?"  We were like ummm yeah... hahaha. He said "that is dumb."  So we were like, "nah we can do it!!" Well, this 14 miles was in the middle of the desert and all up hill and tons of wind! We made it 7 kilometros and we were dying. We had been riding for 1 hour and we hadn't even hit the half way mark. We said a prayer and put our fingers up like a hitch hiker.  Just after that a truck pulled by..... yeah.... but guess what?....... It was a member!!!  He took us into town! It saved our lives- huge miracle.
So my comp and I had 4 investigators that came to church yesterday. That morning we had gone to look for our investigators to take to church and everyone was sleeping.  I was sooooo angry!!!! Then we got to church and guess what little miracle God gave us?! The pastor's kids that we are teaching came to church because we went to their church!  They were only staying for the classes so I was soo sad and I told the 18 year old girl to stay. She asked her brother to stay, but he didn't want to so she stayed with us. Then she told us she doesn't go to church with her family because she doesn't feel anything in church. Then in Sacrament meeting she cried!!!! She totally felt the Spirit. It was the primary program. Seriously sooo crazy, and the people sing sooo bad but still the Spirit was sooo strong. We are going to baptize the pastor's daughter!! 

Anyways, got to go. Word of advise that I am learning this week: put God first!!! You should put more time in the scriptures than in wordly things.  (Get out of the magazines and into the scriptures). Satan is sooo strong right now and we have to hold on tight to the iron rod!  Family, I love you sooo much and I don't want you guys to  get too casual in righteousness! Besitos 

Hermana Bailey

Beautiful People!!!

Wow family, I still have 5 more months so let's not get trunky ;) When I have one more week left we will know I will be home soon hahaha. But having my companion going home is actually kinda hard for me... but I love what I am doing. And Mom, having you come would not cut into my mission because you would come at the end of my mission and be there for the final dinner and the other missionaries. And other missionaries are going to have their family come. And President said it is awesome to have the parents come.  But the only thing I am worried about is getting you guys here because you don't speak Spanish hahaha. But maybe you can go with the parents of Hermana Van Boreum or you can bring Uncle Ron- haha I know he would love to come. Or just go with it - you will figure it out. But I really do want you guys to come! I totally will plan it:) You can get to know my converts!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Serenity, Hope and Tanden and Jackson are all sooooo cute. Wow this world is sooo full of beautiful people. I am just loving my mish sooo much. I love the cute people here. Last week we were contacting a lady in the street and this little boy came up to us. He is probably 7 and then his 2 little friends came up too and they were like, "Can you give us a picture of Jesus?" We were trying to help this woman because she was telling us her life problems. Then like 10 LITTLE KIDS came over and were just surrounding us and then the lady left and the little kids were asking us all these questions and we told them why we have Christmas and gave them stickers. It was sooooo fun!!!! I seriously loved it!!! The kids notice something different with us. It is sooooo coool!!! 

Anyways, so much going on and I need to write in my journal becuase I have not been very good at that. 

For Hope--My house has stairs and no comfy furniture haha.  I will send a picture of my kitchen. :)

Love you all.
 For the Christmas call umm I can do it any day of the week of Christmas so you let me know when you want to do it and I will try and talk to those memebers..

Oh and cool spiritual thought: So yesterday in church I was kinda frustrated with the members. It was Fast Sunday and they were just up there complaining about their problems and just other things were bothering me because people are just not even to the level of spirituality the way that God wants them to be.  I was sooo frustrated and I realized that He still loves his children sooo much even though we are sooo imperfect and that he is so merciful. I love God soooo much. My mish is really helping me understand God on a whole different level.  ANYWAYS I HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A GREAT NAVIDAD AND KEEP BEING RIGHTEOUS. ITHINK THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO THIS WEEK IS READ YOUR SCRIPTURES. GOD IS SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE FRILLS AND GIFTS! BUT YOU CAN GIVE GIFTS TO SHOW LOVE BUT ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF THE HOLIDAY SEASON WITH THE FAMILY.