Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Well family, I don't have much time because today was a holiday- the birthday of Allen and Argentina. So there was a parade and lots of fun little shops like Swiss Days!!! SO fun. We were with all the members-- Soooooo fun. 

Training sooooo fun, sooooo hard. My companion is Hermana Ringen. She is from Idaho and has 8 siblings. She is 20 and went to BYUI.  She is super tiny.  I feel like such a giant with her. Hahahaha. She does not understand hardly anything. Poor thing.  I remember eveything she is going through--seriously the worst.  After one lesson she just started to cry.  I felt sooooo bad because I had her help teach because when we talked to President about how to learn how to train he said let them teach.... It is hard because I don't know the balance of how much I should let her teach. She is super quiet and very fragile I guess you could say. I am so loud and I feel like I just crush her with my voice. Ugh I am really trying to be gentle to make this transition easier but because she is so quiet my natural reaction is to be extra loud. So if you could pray for me to be able to be more gentle and mother like, that would be awesome. And pray for my Spanish because I have no companion to help me understand things when I don't understand. She is doing great though and she is going to get this language so fast. 

I am great, we are seeing so many miracles. I am just trying to put all my trust in the Lord.  

Anyways, love you all and sorry I don't have a ton of time. Extra prayers! Wow but can I just tell you I love the mission and I love the people soooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!! And you guys are soooo smart.  I am so glad that I didn't give the bishop the calling list possible because like you said, I just need to support him... Soooo much wisdom I can't even handle you two. And your little paragraph is exactly what I needed- thanks Mom.  Brayden have fun on your date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Hermana Bailey

This is not Bethany's new companion.  This is one of her old ones, Hermana Miller, who is coming home in a few weeks. This picture was taken in Neuquen where they saw each other.

This is what Hermana Miller wrote on her blog about the reunion: "I got to see Hermana Bailey on Thursday because she's training! She's so great! I just hugged her and she starts crying....classic!!! Haha that girl! I'm going to miss her so much, but I was super happy I got to see her before I left!!! =)"

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