Monday, June 8, 2015


Things here in Argentina are freezing! hahaha I'm super glad for the wool tights hahaha. 

Training is going good.  Poor girl she is struggling.  I remember how much I hated those first few months and I think she is hating them too. It is super hard. I am trying to help her but there is not much I can do. I am trying to be positive and happy but if we are going to be honest, my area is really hard right now. Our investigator got offended in church and now she is like depressed. Okay for starters she is really dramatic with everything and she has been in her bed all day everyday because her ex-husband died. Super weird that she is that sad about it because they were separated like 10 years before he died. Anyways they told me they don't have any food or water. So I told her I would see what we can do but there isn't much because she isn't working and she isn't a member and I am a missionary and we aren't allowed to give things to members. So then today she gave the elders a letter to give to the Bishop and she is all mad at the Bishop because members of the church haven't stopped by to see how she is doing! Yeah super weird and she only came to church like 2 times so not very many people know who she is... .Anyways, her letter is pretty rude to the bishop. Would that be bad if I didn't give it to him? Because he didn't do anything wrong.  I don't want to have another person mad at him when he already has so many mean things said about him. I am really trying to take your advise and not take over and be the boss -just be a happy missionary and love people and through the love they will come to Christ. I am soooo tired of this area.  I feel like I am not making any difference. We had no investigators come to church yesterday.  Then after church we had lunch with members and they just went off about how we have so many menos activos because of the missionaries and I was just trying to hold back my tears. I feel like everyone is mad at me and hahaha I am even mad at myself sometimes feeling like I can't do anything. Sorry I am so negative.  I just need some good advise because right now I have no one to go to. And I feel like my companion is frustrated that I am not teaching her things right. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I need someone to be training me to be a good missionary because I am apparently doing something wrong. But anyways that is the negative. Sorry.  

The positive-- Our 2 investigators that were just baptized are totally progressing and are soooo great.  We had a family night with them and they taught the lesson. It was so cute. Then I talked to the Relief Society President to give her a companion so she can be a Visiting Teacher!!! Soooo great! They are the thing that helps me keep going. Anyways if you could pray for the ward here in Allen we could use it because it is struggling soooooo much. 

I love you all and hope you have a good week. Oh and I couldn't open the video:(   Sorry I am sooo negative.  I have so much to be grateful for and I have seen some real tender mercies this week. For example, our appointments fall through and then I have a strong feeling to visit someone else and we go and they are totally ready to hear what we have to say. And Monday was a holiday here. We went to an investigators house and she told us not to go to this one street that we usually walk on and so we listened and didn't go there when we usually would have. Then later we found out that 2 girls had been attacked by 2 men that night. I don't tell you that to make you worry but to tell you that God is sooooo aware of me and every second of my life! Super great. Anyways I love you. Brayden get your license!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha and a job. I am glad you went on a date. but don't be lazy. Love you. 

Hermana Bailey

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