Monday, May 11, 2015

Reply to Mom's letter (and info from Skype call)

I had 2 baptisms in the last 2 weeks. So great. I loved it. The cute couple got baptized and they have a cute little girl. I love them sooo much. 
Oh yesterday in church.... you would not believe what happened.  We were in Sunday School and our investigator started yelling at a less active.  They both left the church early and don't want to come back to church so bad... Ugh-- SO sad too because they were going to get baptized the next week!  So frustrating. But hey, God is aware and I can't control what happened so I am just trying to help them forgive and forget right now... So extra prayers might be nice.  

Thanks Mom! 
I learned so much form you and Dad on Skype. Wow you guys are awesome.  I have so much to learn and do before I am even close to what amazing people you are.   I am sooo grateful for the gospel in my life.  It just breaks my heart when people don't use this awesome gift that we have.  Anyway that is my little splurge. Thanks for your letter.  I love you all so much and I am going to use the members and give this ward the love that I can give. I hope you have a great week and I will talk to you all next week!!!  Yay

I just want you guys to know that I really love the mission sooooooo much and when I think about leaving my area to go to a different one, it just breaks my heart because I love the people here soooo much. Anyways love you all. 

Hermana Bailey 

The following is from Cindy, Bethany's mom:
Bethany was happy and funny on Skype.  It was so amazing to see her speaking Spanish to the people in the room and to hear them laugh with her.  She is so confident and joyful.  Lots of laughing going on!  She is a light wherever she goes.  
It was so funny to watch her try to speak English while she kept forgetting many of our words.  It made us all laugh. 
We miss her brightness and energy but we are so impressed with who she is. 

She wanted me to tell everyone not to be afraid that she won't have time to read letters.   She said she always has time for letters and loves them!  So send her letters.  

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