Monday, May 11, 2015

Crazy Week!!! (April 20)

Alright so this week was probably the most eventful week of my whole mission and I am dying that I can't write mom about it!!! but whatever.
We got a call on Thursday from the mission president. (Yeah that never happens).  And he said emergency transfer!!!! So my companion left to an area like 10 minutes away and the other Hermana that was in Fernandez Oro came to be my companion.  Seriously so weird! We had noooo idea why we had an emergency transfer because she has  been out here the same amount of time in the mission as my other comp and she is from the USA.  Super weird but I freekin love her.  She was exactly what I needed. She is super funny and up beat and when she teaches she always has the Spirit. She is such a spiritual giant.  I am learning so much from her. She is from Illinois and played basketball in high school. She is soooo fun. Anyways, we have a baptism this Saturday!!!!!!!! We are super excited. Still confused why we had the emergency transfer right before our investigator's baptism.  My last companion was so sad to leave she cried!!!! But that is okay hard things make you stronger.

Then last night a straight up miracle happened. Well lots of miracles-we see so many miracles everyday. So we were visiting people and I had a feeling to go to this one less active and we went there and they were waiting for us!!!! The less active told her friend to come to her house Sunday night at 7 and visit with us because she was going through a really hard time. The less active told her friend we come to her house every Sunday at 7 which is weird because I have never gone to her house at 7. Anyways so we started talking to this lady and she just burst out in tears and told us her sad sad sad life story and then  she looked at us and said, "help me!!"    Um yeah!!! Nothing like being a missionary. So many people in this world. And you think they are happy and then once you get talking to them they just break down in tears because they are missing something in their life and that is the gospel. So we taught this lady and she wants to meet with us again!!! Super great. God totally is part of each one of our lives. He knows who is ready to listen to him. It is soooo amazing. Go out and be examples of Christ and strengthen the ward!!!!

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