Monday, May 11, 2015

Wow!- What a Week (May 4th letter)

Okay so this week was the craziest week ever!!!!! 

My companion got sent home!!! So I had to spend the week with the Hermana Lideres (Sister Leaders) in a different city and I had to get 3 baptisms ready for this weekend!!! Ugh.  All without my companion!  I swear my companion could not have left at a worse time. But it all worked out. 2 of the 3 baptisms didn't happen yet.-... long story but hopefully it will happen this week. I can explain everything on skype on Mother's Day. 
But we had one baptism on Saturday. It was sooooooo great!!!! I was so happy and I felt the Spirit so strong. 
I have a mini missionary now. She is 18 and is from Zapala, Argentina. She is going to be in the mission for 2 weeks and no more.  Then I will get a new companion again. She just got in the mission today and so I feel bad spending time writing you guys cause she is just sittting here. So I will tell you everything over Skype.  Pray that I can do the work with a little newbie. It is like I am training right now and I feel so unqualified and have no idea what I am doing so pray extra for me this week please!!! Write down all your questions so I can answer them on Skype. 

BRayyyyyden, Happpppppppyyyyy BIRRRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOT 16! You ARE SOOOOOOO OLD°! I feel like I am 16 -um weird.  Anyway, sorry so short but I can't wait to see you all on Skype on the weekend.  Love you all.

Hermana Bailey 

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