Monday, March 2, 2015

Pictures from Hermana Miller's blog

Here are some pictures and quotes from Bethany's last companion's blog.

From Feb 23:
Ok so transferssssssssssss =( Hermana Bailey se fui! =((((((((((((((  I was seriously just the saddest little girl! We both just bawled when people heard about it! It was so hard. Idk why, because man I've said goodbye to how many people? But with Bailey it just hit me. Maybe because she's my hija, no se. But man I'm just really really gonna miss her. =(

From Feb 18:
Also this Sunday we had 3 inactives in church! We were feeling really down Sunday morning because we had worked so hard to get the investigadores to come to church, but once we got to church we just saw all these inactives coming in and it was seriously so overwhelming. Hermana Bailey said something I really liked, something like "when I was in the church and saw them come in, this may sound silly, but it was like the happiest I've ever been. Maybe not the happiest, but just to see all the work we did come together." I loved that because it's true! It's like the happiest you really can feel throughout the week. Just to see those people you love so much act on the little particle of faith they have and come to church.

Wow, I love the work. Cultral Co really is growing and making little changes. I love it. 

Hermana Bailey is so great! Honestly, I've loved the opportunity I have to train her and watch her grow. I keep telling her she's training me because she is such an amazing missionary and has so much potential!!! I always forget she's new because she just goes out and does everything without fear. She teaches, invites, talks, shares, laughs, everything that took me like 5 months to do, she's just doing it like her first 3 months. I get jealous sometimes because I'm like why couldn't I have been like you when I was new. Haha, she's amazing and I'm so grateful we've been together these 6 weeks! Such a blessing!!

From Jan 19th:
My companion, Hermana Bailey seriously is so awesome and such a huge example. I'm so tired, I've never worked this hard before hahaha no but she's just so obedient and such an example and reminding me how important it is to give the mission your everything. It's awesome, I feel like I've started the mission over again, because I was kinda dying and getting tired. Every day was the same and I was so tired of doing the same thing but I got here and I'm like alright, "let's get to work". It's awesome, I love it. It's like I'm making my mission what I wanted from it.  I felt like my last transfer was super hard and I felt like I was doing nothing. So this is really good. It's seriously awesome. I love her.
Seriously, you know when I laugh really hard like cry laugh. I've done that twice a day, every day, this week with Hermana Bailey. Seriously she kills me.

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