Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Well! So I am in the new area!  My new companion is named Hermana Bitton. She is from Ogden Utah! She is a tall blonde.
When I left Cultral Co I was so sad. I was so scared and I felt like I was in a dream and now I am here and I just miss my other comp a ton. Hermana Miller was so fun and we just laughed all the time. She was my best friend and I could be my fun self with her. The first 6 weeks in the mission I missed home but now I just miss my old comp. I obviously miss you guys too but my heart just hurts when I think about my old comp. Like right now as I am writing this I am like trying not to cry hahaha. SOOO dumb I hate transfers!!!!! Whatever. My new companion is super nice and I don't have anything bad to say about her. It just might take a little time before I have that same friendship with her.
Sooooo ummm yeah she has 6 more weeks than me in the mission., UMMM Yep she knows just about as much in the mission as I do. I don't know exactly what President was thinking putting 2 newbies from the states together!  If God wants me to learn to be a good missionary with another newbie, so be it because I know God knows best. I probably would not have picked this for myself but oh well I guess this is going to help me the most. 

So my new area is soooooooo pretty. It has rivers and tons and tons of trees. You will see pine trees and palm trees right next to each other. I have only had one lesson today so I don't know the people yet but I have a way good feeling about this area. IT IS SO PRETTY! I am so happy to be here. And it is a smaller town. Not super small because we serve in the central part because that is the safest area for the sisters. hahaha But people say you will see people ride around on their horse carriages! Hhahahah And because there are so many orchards here, the fruit is wayyyyyy cheap!! Yeah so everyone says that I will eat a tonnnnnn of fruit here.  How perfect because I wanted to eat healthy. Oh and our pension is soooooooooo nice.  It is 2 stories and ummmm huge! It is like new! I love love love love it! hahahah I feel so spoiled but whatever-just blessed. hahahah But our washing machine doesn't work putcha! Hahahah I have to keep washing my clothes in a sink ugh! Hahaha oh well. 

So,  before I left Cultral Co, the Bishop in Sacrament Meeting asked me to come bear my testimony! It was AWESOME!!!! I was able to say what I wanted and people in the ward were crying because they were going to miss me - soooo cute!  I cried of course!  And all day Sunday we spent all day running around taking pictures with all the people I knew in Cultral Co... And yeah I forgot my camera today. Sorry- I will send more pictures later. 

I am out of time. Ugh. There is so much I still want to tell you but my comp is really picky with rules I think hahaha. I got just what I wanted- someone who was a hard worker. But now I'm wondering if that is what I really wanted. hahahah No it is!!!  Anyways, love you all. Pray for our Spanish and the ability so we can teach because we both kinda feel like what the heck are we doing!!!! So crazy. Keep being the cute family you are.

Love Hermana Bailey

Oh yeah,  after I bore my testimony so many people asked me if I finished my mission and if I was going home and others said that my Spanish was perfect and they laughed and said, "remember the first time you bore your testimony your Spanish was so bad?" They were like"your Spanish was a gift from Cultral Co."   So many people keep telling me my Spanish is perfect. I know it isn't even close but I like to think it is God's way of telling me that I can do this!!!!!!! Yeah gift of tongues :) 

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