Friday, March 27, 2015

Autumn! 5 months

March 25
I am alive! But I am out of time!!!  This week has been insane.  Monday and yesterday were holidays so we couldn't write home but today,  yes.  But we had our investigator have an interview today and it went way longer than we thought - 2 fetching hours!!!!   Ahhhh,  long story short,  the time that I had to write is gone. Hahaha. So right now I need to leave to a family night with our investigators.  I am super excited. 
Um so we are wanting my investigator Fl_______ to get baptized this Saturday.  She doesn't want to. She wants to wait until next week or later!!! Ugh, The thing is, she is totally ready and it is satan making her think she is not ready. So if you could pray with all your energy of heart that would be awesome. Baptism this Saturday.  Lets see a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Pray for Fl______!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am great. Loving the work.  I will hopefully have time to write tomorrow;)

March 26
Well Autumn has begun!! The first day of Fall was 20th of Marzo and ever since then it has been a bit cold. Nights are a little cold and mornings but the days are just perfect- a little warm but eh ya fue! So weird- right when Fall started it just started to change. 
Anyways, so this week was full of lots of women crying! We had I think 5 women cry to us in one day! Yeah we would just teach a lesson and then they would just start talking and crying and telling us their problems! Um.... yeah a little hard because one of our investigators told us she was raped when she was a little girl. Another one of our menos activos cried because the church is so focused on family and she and her husband got a diverso...... um yeah long story short, she is kinda mad at God and she doesn't believe in God any more. So weird, I don't understand. She believes in some bigger being but she says it isn't God!! Ummmm wow. Satan must hate God so much- he couldn't convince this girl that God doesn't exist but he could tell her to call God a different name. Does that make sense?..... idk Anyways I am just learning so much about how satan works and how little things lead to big things. You remember when I was little and I  wanted to go to public school so that I could know what is out in the world?... .hahahah That was soooo dumb. Dad you are so right. Silly Mormons that want to leave the Mormon bubble. We need to be grateful for living in such an amazing place with protection with the gospel so close! I miss that about Utah! Anyways I am all over the place today. hahaha.  I was reading my patriarchal blessing and I read a part that said I will bless others' lives by them knowing that I care.  I have seen that come to play this week a lot. So many people and their problems, and God has helped me reach out to them and help them feel important. Without God I could not do this. It is seriously a miracle the things we do as missionaries. 
Hahahah Mom and Dad, don't worry. My shoes are great. They will totally last my whole mission.  I get worried that I have been out  months and my shoes still look new. hahaha.  I want to come home with shoes with holes in them!!!!!! 
Anyways so hmmmm I don't know really what else to tell you.... I am totally becoming Argentine.  I used to not like mayo before the mission but because in Argentina they use it for everything,  I seriously  put it on everything and love it.  I actually crave it!! hahahaha And I am used to eating one huge meal everyday and then a little dinner and a little breakfast. :)))))
So that's about all.  I love you all and hopefully when you all hear from me this Monday I will have had a baptism this week!
Any questions about Argentina? It is so different.  I am just used to how people live now and don't really notice the weird things now.... hahahahah Anyways,  love you. Have a good weekend and I will write again Monday
Love Hermana Bailey

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