Monday, March 30, 2015

Another Week!

Blood Sausage
Well! This week was full of getting whacked with the humble stick!!!! 

So we did not have our baptism this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!! We fasted and prayed and did everything we could but she just doesn't feel sure about the church yet. One thing I learned is that numbers don't matter and that we need to give our best and it is more important that our investigators are truly converted before baptism. But we put another fecha (date) and so we will have the baptismo this Friday!!!!!!! It is just hard because Fl___ doesn't feel 100% sure but she won't pray to ask and isn't reading the scriptures and she isn't doing things that are going to help her progress.  And she didn't even come to church yesterday!!!!!!!! Freakin' satan. 

Then we had 5 of our investigators who are familia. They read some anti-Mormon stuff on the internet! Seriously so dumb. Yesterday we were at their house for his birthday dinner and I totally ate BLOOD SAUSAGE!!! Yeah it wasn't that gross but a gross thought so I couldn't eat the whole thing.   So anyway, I said that if you want to read stuff about our church, spend your time on reading stuff from the actual church and not what people say about it. I told them the website where they can find answers to their questions but more importantly to read the Book of Mormon. I asked, "why read about what people have to say about the Book of Mormon when you can read the book itself and know for yourself?"  Then the Spirit was back in the room and it was all better. But freaking satan!!!!!!!!!!! ugh so stupid. 

Hahahaha sorry Mom I thought that you would freak out about the robbing thing. I seriously was so scared when I found out and didn't want you and Dad to freak out even more because there isn't much that I can do... But I think I want to dye my hair brown to help me blend in a little more. What do you think? 

But anyways,  I am doing great. SUPER excited for conference. I hope I can watch it in English. I can understand most of Spanish but lately I feel like I can't speak very well and I recently found out that I have been speaking grammatically wrong!!! Ugh Spanish! I just feel like I have no idea how to study. I have all these great ideas but when the day comes I am so tired. Really just trying to get through the day and trying to add extra effort to learn the language just seems kind of the tip of the iceberg and I don't have any ganas(I don't remember the English word) to keep trying.  So if you could pray for my Spanish, that would be just grand. 

My companion and I are getting along and we have transfers this Saturday. I bet we have one more transfer together. That will be just fine. Change is nice but we get along fine so I will be happy if she stays too. And plus my area is super complicated.  I don't feel ready to teach another missionary this area yet.  Well all is well and I am learning to really rely on my scriptures. I remember when I was in school and would call you all the time because I would feel better after I got off the phone with you. Well now my scriptures are like my phone call home. Whenever I am sad or mad I pray and read one verse and God always gives me a scripture that helps me feel better. 

Love you all. Sorry I am out of time! Tell people to write me -especially when you are in New Zealand??? 

Love you 
Hermana Bailey

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