Monday, March 9, 2015

Feliz Dia de las Mujeres

 Dear family! 
Thanks for the videos. Mom I got your 2 videos. The ones from your Dad's phone I couldn't see because you have to go on youtube or something and I can't do that:( But Hope looked so cute and cute little Jackson- sooooo cute- I can't handle it! haha.  Dad I love your antlers. So great! It made me laugh when you showed me them in the video!

So the good things this week- because there are a ton:
So yesterday was Day for Women. So everywhere we went yesterday people would say feliz dia!! And give us cake and chocolates! Then yesterday we were in church and this investigator came and I thought she was an investigator of los elderles! But no she lives in our area and she just came to church because her 5 year old niece wanted to come. Sooo we took down her direction and we are going to visit her tonight! So great how God puts those people in our path. 

Then another day we were contacting. This lady we contacted didn't seem too  interested. We left her with a tarjeta that had a video on it. Didn't think she would look up the video. Well lo and behold, later that day we were walking and we ran into her and she said that she watched the video and really liked it. For some reason we didn't ask her name but long story short we visited her the other day and she let us in her house and it turns out she was a missionary for the Catholic church. Sooo we will see where that goes! Interesting, right? 

OH okay so my favorite family the less actives that we found last week -the ones I told you about ( I think) well we had a family night with them. Seriously so  fun! The Spirit was so strong and I was laughing so hard when we were playing the game. I just love them soooooooo much! Words cannot explain how much I love them.  I just connected with them instantly.  I am convinced I am supposed to be here in Allen for that family!   But they didn't come to church yesterday! So sad! But we will work really hard with them and hopefully God will change their hearts. 

Yesterday was a good day. We worked with a sister in the ward who just got home from her mission. She was so full of light and energy. It was exactly what I needed to help me give the mission my all again. I am really trying. It is just hard because I am feeling sick all the time. My comp said that she was sick when she got here and so it has to be something with the water or something. Me and my companion are getting along great.  I laugh so hard with her, and the elders in our district say we are a great companionship! My comp said that this is her favorite companionship she has had her whole mission. That made me really happy. 

Oh yeah the other night we were sleeping and at 3 in the morning there was a huge rain storm and there was hail the size of golf balls and it was so awesome!!! Hahaha crazy crazy! There are no drains in the streets here so when it rains the streets turn into rivers!

Mom thanks for the advice to enjoy the mission. You are always so inspired to say what I need. Love you so much and please pray that I can forget myself and that I will have the energy to work like a Bailey! I need to show Argentina what a Bailey is all about! 

Love you all Besitos!!!!!

Hermana Bailey

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