Monday, March 2, 2015

A Full Heart

Dear family! 

So this week just flew by. My companion Hermana Bitton does not have a blog. Sorry, that is too bad. She is from Ogden, Utah. The first couple of days I was just so sad about leaving Hermana Miller I couldn't let myself love her, but through prayer I have learned to and I am learning to love her more and more. She is super obedient which is so good for me and she is willing to work at the speedy pace I like. I have a little bit of a hard time with learning to be humble. She only has one more transfer than me and I hate it when she corrects me! hahha Isn't that awful? 

Yep so I just love my area more and more. The Spanish is a challenge at times but I am learning I can still be an instrument in the Lord's hands even if I can't speak or understand everything perfectly. 
The first couple of days here were great. I got a guy to accept a baptismal date for 28 March! So great. He came to church yesterday and he bore his testimony and he like remembered my name - no one ever remembers my name.  Then he thanked me for helping him in Sacrament Meeting - so great!! hahaha kinda selfish but it made me feel like I was making a difference. 

We saw an awesome miracle yesterday. We had 2 menos activos who said they we were going to come to church. We found a ride to bring them to church and everything. We were so 100 percent sure they were going to come to church. Then they didn't come! Ugh so dumb. So we went by their house Sunday night to see why they didn't come. These 2 are kinda old and have a bad memory so I don't like spending a lot of time with them because they don't remember things we tell them. But when we were there I remembered seeing their granddaughter and she is a menos activo too. I had a feeling to see if she was home and ask if we could talk to her and just see how she was doing. We asked and they were like yeah she is in the back yard. So it turns out her whole family lives back there and they are all menos activo!! What the? We started talking to them and they said that just the other day they were thinking about the church and how they should start going to church and then we came by! The Dad told us he wants to go. The Spirit was so strong and they want us to come back and do family home evening with them and they are going to come to church Sunday!!! SO amazing how God is totally preparing people right now. I am always reminded I am not the one preparing people.  I am simply here to show them the way! 

My new district is kinda small and they are all kinda reserved which is kinda hard for me because my last district was all way good friends. But I am determined to change it so we are all way good friends.  My comp can play the piano really good so I got out of that - thank goodness. The ward is about 50 people. We work with the young women. There are like 3 girls and the leader has been a member for 2 years so she is just learning. They don't have activities or anything so I hope I can help fix the program here and get all the menos activos involved. Because here people get baptized and then just stop coming to church so then we have a ton of menos activos to visit. But the ward is good. 
Yesterday we had 2 menos activos come to church and 2 investigators. So after I was done conducting in sacrament meeting I went to go sit down by the menos activos.  I started to talk to her quietly like how are you and all of a sudden the whole ward was looking at me and all of a sudden a missionary sitting behind me said I needed to go bare my testimony. So I just stood up having no idea what the bishop just said. As I am walking up I look at my comp and I'm like "I just need to share my testimony?" hahaha my comp is like yeah. So I went up there and I just started talking. Man the gift of tongues is real. I get complemented on my Spanish all the time! I think it is a little hard for my comp because people say my Spanish is better than hers. But that doesn't happen very often. 

Nope we don't walk less here. If anything we walk more because I am done with the 12 week program so I walk 1 hour more everyday!! But I love it. Yeah the weather is cooling down but still super hot. It just gets cold at nights and mornings. Here it is higher than my last area so it is warmer and it is pretty humid. 

 That is all I have time for. Hope, have a happy birthday.  I love you and miss your cute little laugh. I hope you have a good day this Saturday at your baptism. You are doing the best thing you could be doing and I know God is so happy about your decision!

Love Hermana Bailey
Oh yeah, Mom thanks for telling me about how God puts you where he wants you because I have been struggling with that this week. So inspired you are! Tell Marissa to write me, because I can still understand even though she is millions of miles away! 

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