Monday, March 16, 2015

Miracle de Salud!!!!

Huge pizza from our investigator for free!!!!! SO nice. Food all the time. God is watching out for his missionaries. 

Well, Mom and Dad,  do not worry about my salud (health) because God keeps sending me miracles. I am so amazed at how many I keep seeing. So last week was a little harder because I was so sick and being sick in the mission is the worst thing ever!!!! So, after fasting for salud and your wonderful prayers, I was magically better the next day!!! Like completely better. Now that was not just any regular way to be healed.  I was sick I think from the water here or something and I know God answered our prayers and helped me receive the energy I needed to get through another week. I can't even explain what a huge miracle it was!!!!! So thanks for praying for me. Super nice. My testimony of prayer and fasting has grown like 10 times in the mission. 

Dad, your business is having some bumps huh???? But you know what? That is okay. Don't even spend one minute worrying about it. Obviously God had all these things happen at once for a reason and your job now is to try and see what God wants you to do with it!!! (Hope that makes sense) 

This week was so great I can't even explain.  I love being healthy!!! Things are just so much better if I am healthy. hahaha. So I will pray for all your health as well!!! So last week I forgot to write about our zone conference. So we had a conference with the zone and the zone president called me at 10 at night to ask me to give a talk about obedience in the conference the next day.  I, being sick that day, was bothered that I had to give the talk. So dumb. So I of course didn't have time to prepare anything because as a missionary do you really have time to prepare anything? nooo.. hahaha So I of course just went with the Spirit.  The 2 Latinos that gave talks before me gave them in English so they had it all written out and prepared because obviously they were speaking a language that they don't really know.  I started to get nervous but then I went up there and words were coming to my mind and people could understand me!!!!! And I felt the Spirit tell me what to say. After I sat down a cute Latina that entered the mission the same day as me (she remembers I couldn't say anything when I entered the mission)  she said, "wow your Spanish is sooooo good!!!" The gift of tongues is reall!!!!! And being a missionary is so awesome because you can teach just about anything on the spot!!! 

Dad don't worry about my salud! The blister/boil that I had before, yeah freak I got a blessing and it went away completely!!! ( I don't remember how to spell- sorry guys) I ended up talking the other day to the nurse that had worked with me and she told me that was a straight miracle and that I need to write that down because I was going to have to go to the doctors here and get it cut off! And I will you tell you what-the hospitals here are awful.  I wouldn't be surprised if a rat ran across the floor;) We have an investigator that was in the hospital this week so we went and visited her like 3 times and there are so many flies everywhere and there are holes in the walls. They clean the surgery supplies with soap and water no mas!!!! So gross. Then when we were there,  a pastor from the Evang√©licos came and gave a lady a blessing. He was like telling us we were lost and that we are still trying to find the truth. We just nicely smiled and didn't say anything even though we were so mad!  

Our investigators are doing great.  I have a baptism 28 de marzo!!!! So excited. Has Kinz and Zack had baptisms yet? My mission is like on fire. Our goal is to have a baptism date every Saturday! My area is great. The weather is starting to cool down- sooo great. In the mornings we wake up and play basketball with the elders and on the other morning we wake up and go running with a girl who just got home from her mission. 

My area is so pretty.  I will send some pictures of the orchards that we get to go visit!!! So much fruit here I can't handle it. People give us fruit all the time. I tried a melon that tasted like cantaloupe and coconut- so good. It was just called melon. hahaha

Anyways, don't worry about me. I'm doing great and I am so amazed.
Yesterday at church I was feeling so stressed because people always ask the missionaries questions and so the entire lesson I have to be 100% focused. It is hard because to understand Spanish I have to be really really focused!!!! 
Hahaha So in our sacrament meeting the kids are super loud and the investigators that come get really mad because they say we don't have respect for our church. The kids are the bishop's kids--so frustrating.  Any ideas to help kids be quieter? 

Anyways all is well.  l love you all.  Kami thanks for the photos and videos. I loved them!!!! 
Hermana Bailey

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