Monday, January 4, 2016


Hermana Bitton

Happy New Year!!

I had a great week!! So this whole transfer I have been kinda stressed that I am not giving my all and wondering what more do I need to be doing before I go home. I only have 4 more months and it really causes me anxiety when I think about going home! I hate feeling like God sent me here to do something and I still haven't figured it all out. I know that Satan could be telling me all that to keep me discouraged and not animated. So yesterday I did a fast to help me know God's will so that He can help me know what more I can do. 

I am learning a lot about listening to my companion as a mentor and really learn from her good qualities.
My new year was fun. We taught some lessons, which was a miracle, because I thought everyone would be too busy to listen to us. Then we got to be done working at 6 and we went to the apartment and I slept for 1 hour!!! So great hahah! Then we went to a member's house (laura y gille). They are awesome. We played games and were with all the missionaries. We had to go to the pension at 10 so we watched fireworks in our pension. Then the next day we did a water fight with all the missionaries in the same house.

The next day there were 3 baptisms in our ward!!! it was sooo nice.  I will send pictures. It was 3 sisters and they have been listening to the lessons a long time and then my companion set the baptism date!! She is soooo great.  

So my companion was sad because we were walking alll day!!!!!!!!! And we went to a house and they weren't home either and so after that we sat down on the curb thinking what are we going to do. And then right after that, the family came running and said, "Sorry we are late, we came running." So it was a huge blessing that we sat down for 2 min before we left looking for other people. 

A week full of miracles! In church we had 4 investigators! It was a miralce. The members are helping us a lot right now and we are seeing soo many miralces. We are also going to do a family home evening with members and their friends this week!!! Woot woot Our next baptism will be 16 January. Anyways, I love you all and hope that you are working hard and trying to find that person to get baptized;) 

Oh sorry to hear about all the funerals. I will send extra prayers your way! Love you all sooo much.
Hermana Bailey

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