Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015

Oh family your are all so cute! 
We came to a ciber that is a little more cheap and so I couldn't hear your videos ;( But that is okay! I will listen to them next week. I saw Hope poke Serentiy in the video! Hahaha Hopey, be nice!!! Kami I love your clothes you guys are soooo cute. Did you go to a party? You are all so skinny! 

Can you send me a picture when I entered the MTC? The day I completed 1 year in the mission I wore the same clothes that I wore when I entered the MTC! I can't zip it up all the way now haha but I just put my shirt over the skirt and no one knows! hahaha 

The weather here is getting nice. Yeah mom there are lots of flowers and green. There are some days that are colder but never freezing.  I can leave the house with 1 warm jacket instead of 2!!! 

This week went by soooo fast! I went to do exchanges with some of the sisters this week. That was fun.  Then we were teaching the family from Venezuela.  There were at least 11 adults- kinda scary. We went in the house when the whole family was together again and I always feel bad that we are interrupting  their family time.  And it is hard to teach them all at once, but we went in there and read out of the Book of Mormon with them! They love us! They gave us chocolate de Venezuela! It is crazy the authority and the trust that people put in us. They think that we know everything. Not even close! hahaha But I loved to teach that family. They are sooo dear to my heart. 

We are also teaching that lady and her dauhter still- the ones that said they were praying that God could send them someone and then we arrived!  God is so awesome! They are still progressing. The 15 year old daughter is sooo cute. She said the prayer in our lesson and she cried and at the end told us, "It's just when you guys are here I just feel so many emotions."  It was awesome! She is so in tune with the Spirit. 

Then in the night our lider de distrito called us and told us that we have been working super hard and that we should be able to see the fruits of our labors through baptism and he said to pray that God will provide someone to be baptized this weekend before transfers! (which I hate because when we rush people to get baptised I get so discouraged when people don't want to get baptized). So I prefer to help others come unto Christ and eventually, when God knows they are ready, He will help them have the desire! But I need to be a little more focused on baptizing I guess! 

I am doing good! I have been thinking about home a little more!! Super frustrating because my time is coming to an end here and I need to enjoy every second while I can! 

We have seen so many miracles and I just love being so close to the Spirit all the time and being so focused on everything that the Lord does for us! I hope you have a great week!  You asked about our vacation when I get home.  I think for a family vacacion a cruise would be awesome! Lets go somewhere where I can use my Spanish! But the truth is I would be just happy in our house! That would be the best vacation for me!!! hahaha 

Tell Alicia congratulations. Tell Brayden that he should do whatever makes him the happiest! Anyways, love you all. Besitos!!

Hermana Bailey

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