Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference Weekend

Hello family!!!
Well this week, just like other weeks, was a miracle. We had 4 investigators come to the conference!!!!! Tyson, don't get discouraged that you only had one friend come to conference. Every little effort in missionary work that you do is not wasted!! And hey you had 1 come!!! That is awesome. The worth of souls is great in the sight of God. That is 1 soul that came!!! Woot Woot missionary work!!!! I am soooo proud!!! 
Sooo conference was awesome!! I had to watch half in Spanish because our investigators came and we had to sit with them... I didn't get as much out of the Spanish session as I did the English!! I am sooo grateful for English! I didn't think I would ever love English so much in my life! But I LOVE it!!!  My companion and I are having so much success it is crazy!!! I am just so grateful that our investigators are coming to church! 
And we had the cute family that moved to the elder's area!! We introduced them to the elders this last week and they are going to get baptised at the end of this month!! I am sooo happy for them! They are such a cute family! The husband was really open to the message but then he started working and we were just teaching the wife. Then they moved and the elders can't enter the house without the husband there. So now the Dad was forced to listen! And he is sooo excited to get baptized. I was so sad about the move at the beginning. But now I see that it was part of God's plan and that God had to use us to help the wife but God needed the elders to help the Dad so he had to have them move!!! So awesome!!! I love that God is  in charge and not me!! 
Serenity!!! If they change that sisters have to serve for 2 years that would be awesome!!!! 18 months is not enough!!! hahaha 
Things are great here. I loved conference. I learned a lot about how little by little God makes us into the person He wants us to be. I feel like I learned a lot about how we don't have to be that person, we just have to do what God wants us to. I hope that makes sense. 
We had a time change and I will be waking up at 7!!! The best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo happy!!!!!! Today I will cut my hair(just a little). I don't want to cut it. But the member wants us to teach her niece so we are going to do it so we can get to know her niece. That is the best thing about the mission, when we put other's needs before our own we feel sooo good inside!! 
I feel like Conference recharged my battery and I am ready to go again! The mission is so draining sometimes but yet soo fullfilling! I can't explain it!! hahaha But whenever I think about Christ and that I am doing this because I love Him, I am always given the strength I need to keep pushing.
I will let you know the scripture I pick next week.  I still haven't picked one!! How sad! hahaha 
Anyways, love you all. Don't miss me because I will be home faster than you want eating all the white bread (Brayden) ;)   Oh crazy, Brayden is driving on the freeway!!! Sooo big!!!! Love you all and keep pushing forward! 
Hermana Bailey

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