Monday, October 5, 2015

Fun Week!

Life is Good. 

So this week was super fun! My new companion is very spiritual. She has 8 months in the mission and yes she is a hermana leader with me. My other comp left to be a hermana leader in Chipoletti. It is close to Allen where I was before. I was so sad when she left. We were together for 14 weeks so that was a hard change. 
My new companion is Hermana Worth. This is her first time as a hermana leader so I am training her.  hahaha no there is nothing to train -she really is super great, a hard worker and very obedient. You should see her do her exercizes in the morning... um yeah super intense. It's good for me because maybe I can lose some weight... hahaha really though.  So my companion won't let me speak in English sooo that will help my Spanish and she always likes to sing. She has a really good voice.
So Monday my new companion arrived in Bariloche at 10pm. I just hung out with a member and went to the Bishop's house and we had family night there. It was really fun. 
Then we lost lots of investigators this week. I felt bad for my comp. Because I remember the first week in Bariloche is always hard because we walk a ton. But she will get used to it... hahaha  
This week we saw so many miracles. We had a baptism!!! Magali she is 12 and her family are members and now she is!!!

We went to Neuquen on Thursday and we had leadership conference with all the leaders (it was good).  I saw Hermana Larmouth. That was sooo fun. It is always fun to see old companions. Then we ended the conference Friday at 3pm and I wanted to go to my old area Allen to visit my old investigators and I was so excited.  We weren't leaving to Bariloche until 12pm that night so we had time to go. We got permission and everything. Then.... I lost our cell phone!!! UGh I was so mad. So we were at the bus stop just about to go to Allen and I couldn't find our phone. Then, out of luck we found 2 elders  at the bus  stop who helped us call people. I lost it in the taxi and we called the taxi place and it wasn't in the taxi and so someone stole the phone after we left! Ugh.. So we couldnt go to Allen. We ended up going to the old area of my companion because it was close to Neuquen and it was fun to be with the members. They made us food and it was really fun. Then something happened to our tickets and we couldn't leave until Saturday at 6am. We had the baptism at 5pm that day!! And I lost our phone so I didn't have numbers of members or anything and so I was super stressed. But we got a new phone in Neuquen and hoped that people remembered about the baptism.  And we got to Bariloche at 1pm. Then we cleaned the church and had the baptism... It turned out really good and we even had an investigator come to the baptism. It was sooo great. Then after the baptism we took a member to the church and showed her the church. She said she didn't want to go to church because she didn't have a skirt but... she came to church yesterday!!! And it was a huge miracle because she has work every Sunday and my companion and I fasted that she could come to church and she came to church yesterday and she liked it a lot!!!! So many miracles! Anyways I am doing great and I hope you all have a good week. 
Hermana Bailey
Harley died?!! Oh sad day

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