Friday, October 23, 2015

1 Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I was planning on celebrating my one year next week but hey, I got all your cute videos and so I will celebrate today!!! 

Woot woot 1 year!!

I can't believe it! I was looking at pictures yesterday from when I got into the MTC!! It makes me realize that my mission will finish sooner than I want it to! I have gained about 20 pounds and I can speak Spanish and I have a stronger testimony and appreciation for my Savior Jesus Christ! I don't have the same dreams that I had before I left!  Before, I wanted to travel and do something unusual with my life. Now I just want to be with my family, strong in the gospel!!! I love this gospel and my eyes have been so opened to everything I have been given, but mas que nada (more than anything) to how wonderful the gospel is and how necessary it is.  I think I have grown as much in this year as I have in my whole life!!!  So I was looking at those pictures and just remembering how wonderful it was... hahah but I would never want to live it again hahahah!!! I don't regret it but it was sure hard! 

This week was kinda hard but soooo awesome! We were contacting all day and we didn't even teach one lesson one day!!! I was sooo frustrated!  Then we were really focusing on the members like our Presidente asked us. And a family in the ward took us on a trip around Bariloche on Monday and they like love us now.  Then we are planning a movie night (Do You Know the Mormons) on Friday so we were helping the members give those invitations to their friends and they are super excited. They are like inviting all their friends! Then we found 10 new investigators!! It was a ton!!! I was sooo grateful! 

Then a bigger miracle happened.  Last week we were contacting in the streets (normally we don't have a ton of success) and we found this woman with her 15 year old daughter and she said "Yeah, you can come and teach us."  So we called them on Thursday and they said we could come by on Saturday! We went on Saturday and she said "I let you guys come over because I was never baptized in a church but I always felt the need so I baptized my daughter in the Catholic church but I would like to see what you guys believe..." PERFECT!!! So we taught the restoration!!! The Spirit was sooo strong. They said they felt strong emotions!! ( I don't know how to explain it in English.) And the mom started to cry at the end and said, "I just hit a really hard point in my life and I was praying to God to help me and I told Him that I need SOMEONE who could help me! And just after that you found us in the street!"  And she said, "I think this is what I need!" Then the next day they came to church!!! That never happens! It is usually really hard to get investigators to church!    But the members were all sooo weird!! Hahaha I don't know why. We always have investigators in church but this time the members like came up to us right in front of them and asked if they were investigators and I was like dying inside (like "don't say that in front of them-just say hi to them!!!") hahaha and one old lady comes to the investigator and says "I know that if you accept this in your life it will be the best decision of your life and you will never regret it!!!"  Hahaha soo awkward.  I feel so protective of our investigators. hahaha It's like I am a mom that is protecting the chicklets!!! hahaha But they said they loved it!! That was the highlight of the week! So many more miracles but I will have to write them in a paper letter and send them.

I just love the miracles in the mission. I really can see God's hand in my life everyday. I love my companion. She is super great! We laugh a ton! And it is finally getting warmer!!! Yesterday I was out all day in short sleeves!!! In the night it was a little chilly but it was sooo pretty!! I love the sunny weather. 

Anyways, thanks for doing the challenge. Mom you rock!!! I am soo proud of you.  You did your part and God is proud and he will have confidence the next opportunity and there will be someone else! I know it is hard in Utah! But hey just look at the neighbors. You have like 5 people on our street who need the missionaries!

Anyways, thanks for the videos. I love you all soooooo much.  I cried a little when I saw the video of everyone! Not because I am sad but I just love you all sooooo MUCH! 
Hey dad, a question! We have an investigator who is super great but she works on Sundays almost every Sunday! Do we baptize her or keep trying to tell her to find a different job? I am sooo confused what the church's stand on the Sabbath day. That is something I struggle with.

Hey, I can get a package for Christmas!!! Some Annies mac and cheese would be a delight!!! hahaha and I have to go. Love you, 
Hermana Bailey

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