Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pressing Forward!

Well Family, 
Tomorrow I will have 11 months in the mission!!! So crazy. I only have 5 more transfers. They go by so fast. I dont know how time just flies but it is going by soooo fast. Everyone tells me I am almost dead! Which is stupid because I still have 7 months which is like an eternity. 

But today we had transfers and my companion Hermana Larmouth left. We were together since June! 14 weeks!  That is a long time!  We got to the point where we worked really well together, and I was so suprised she got transferred. I thought we would have one more transfer.  I cried when she left. 
I am getting a new companion today at 7 so I am just waiting right now.  I am a little nervous because I have to teach her the area and we recently found 6 more new investigators so I am going to have to try and remember everything on my own for now... (wish me luck).  hahaha. Nah, everything will be great.  I heard she is a really hard worker, a gringa that speaks really good Spanish and that she is super cute. 
Monday my companion had back problems so we spent our whole P day with hospitals. It was soooo crazy. 2 gringas that know Spanish, but when it comes to the medical field things get a lot more confusing hahaha. So we were walking all day and my poor companion got to the point that she just got sooo sad because of pain and frustration with the medical program here she broke down crying in the doctors office.. And just left crying.... Yeah, poor thing. That was a hard day for her. She is doing a lot better now. We are going to have a baptism this Saturday. My poor companion left right before the baptism. 

Well this week we went to San Martin de los Andes (so pretty) And it was sooo cool. We got there in a time that the hermanas really needed us. I was able to help a hermana feel better with things that were going on with her investigators and we put 2 new baptismal dates while I was there!!! That was awesome. The people were so nice in San Martin.  I left feeling sorry for myself and thinking, "I want that to be my area. The people were so great and my area is hard. The people are kinda mean bla bla... "  Then, that night we got a phone call from the elders saying they were giving part of our area to the elders! We lost 3 investigators and the girl that is getting baptised this week is now in the area of the elders. And we lost my favorite investigator. I was sooooo mad. I felt like someone took what little I had and gave it to someone else. I cried.. hahaha. So dumb.  
This week I have been so caught up in myself, in my success and what others think of me. I am afraid I am going to come home the same person as when I left. ... And that is not happiness, to always be thinking about myself. I am trying to really forget myself and go to work!!! 

I hope school is going well and you guys are getting excited for Halloween and your holidays.  I love you all. I will check hopefully later with my new companion to see if Mom had a chance to write me. If not, don't stress it.  I will get it next week. :) 
Love you all!
Hermana Bailey
Oh yeah how was the talk from Kinz? How is Hannah??? 

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