Sunday, August 16, 2015

(Letter from July 27th)

Hey Dad!
Thanks for your letter, I love your strength and your spiritual wisdom. I am sooo lucky to have great parents like you and Mom.  I thank God everyday for you guys!!! 
Well things here in Bariloche are good. We had an investigator who came to church yesterday. She is living with a family who are all good members. We are trying to teach her but she is really shy and when we teach her she doesn't answer our questions.... Kinda hard.  Thanks for your prayers they really give me strength.  I am sooo grateful for the gospel, Wow thanks for helping me get on the mission. Dad this mission is really helping me be the person God wants me to be. Wow don't worry about me in the cold. 
God has really helped us this week. We had some huge miracles and found lots of new investigators! The other day I was doubting about 4 baptisms in a week, I was praying for strength and I read in the Bible when John the Baptist baptized sooo many!!! Ummm yeah I felt the Spirit sooo strong and in that moment I knew we could accomplish our goal. But times I have such little faith. But hey faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things we can SEE! Anyways continue praying. 
Tell Mom to stop crying.  We also came to this life to be tried and tested and we should be happy that we are being tried right now because we will go back to God's presence way different than we left. Tell the family to have an eternal perspective!!! Because of Christ we can look at the eternal perspective and have joy! I love you and hope work will be good this week. I will pray for you. 
Love Hermana Bailey

Tell those returned missionaries I said hi!! So weird - they were my high school friends and they are home. Are they sad to be home or are they happy? How did that go? Super interested!! 

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