Monday, August 17, 2015


Hola Familia!!!!!!!!

Things here in Argentina are starting to warm up! We haven't had a lot of snow for 2 weeks so I am hoping we are past the snow. We woke up this morning and our heater was broken and it was this huge wind storm and our window flew open and we didn't even know for a couple of hours. Sooo our house was freezing! The wind is horrible today!!! My comp and I were walking and almost blew away;) hahahaha 

So this week we went to Neuquen for conference with President. We had to be in a bus for 6 hours. Then we got out and I was a little car sick... that was yucky. Then the next day we had conference with the president and he talked about using members and what we need to be doing to baptize more.  In our whole mission we had 40 baptisms in the whole month! That was actually not too bad compared to past months. And then it turns out that a member of the 70  called our president and asked why our mission was not BAPTIZING!!!!!!! Isn't that horrible!! I am a missionary in a mission that does not baptize. That broke my heart. But you know what?  I am a BAILEY! So I am going to keep giving it my all (with Faith) and God is going to show miracles! 

The conference was really great! President is such an inspired man! President told us that we can all have 1 baptism before 29 Agosto!! So last week we had such a good turn out in the church that our expectations were really high this week. We went around and taught and invited our investigators on Saturday and lots of them were like, "If we wake up we will go to church!!!" Ugh I was sooo nervous. We had to have at least 2 investigators that came to church... and guess what? We had 2 investigators come to church!!!!!! We are going to have 2 baptisms before 29 Agosto!!!! We were in the reunion sacramental and it starts at 10. 10:05 10:10 came around and still no investigator. Then at 10:15 he came!!!!!!!!!!! It was soooo awesome. We were just sooo grateful!!!! God is touching the hearts of the people here. 

On Saturday we found a cute family that we are teaching. They are from Buenos Aires and came to Bariloche to raise their family because it is more family friendly. We said hi to them in the street and then two days later we saw them again. We started to talk to them and they said we could go to their house and visit them so we did on Saturday. They are soooo cute. They thanked us for coming and said that they are so glad that we passed by because that for them was like God saying to them, "I am watching out for you."  SO Great!!! Seriously so many miracles. Our members are involved and they told us it is sooo good to have investigators in the church because they haven't had any come for a year or so. The Lord really changes the people. It really just depends on our faith! Ahhhh What responsibility we have as missionaries. But hey family,  help the missionaries. Don't just feed them. Take them to the neighbors and take them with you to less actives. Help prepare the way for the second coming!! 

Wow the kids are all ready going back to school!!! Time is going by sooo fast. Serenity is getting beat up huh??? That is good though Ren because that means you are crazy and do crazy things!!!! Hehehe I love it! Brayden don't worry about money. Just pray and keep looking for a job. You can do it!!! Your Brayden Bailey..but hey family love you alll!!!! Besitos y un abrazo grande Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes

Hermana Bailey

I cant send pictures this week. Sorry, my computer is being stupid. Love you all. y tambien pray for my health.  I am kinda sick this week :( yuck hahaha but everything is great love you 

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