Monday, July 20, 2015

This Week Went By So Fast I Don't Remember What Happened!!!

This is water that went through 2 coats and a sweatshirt!!!

Well family!!
I am glad you liked Elder Cook's talk!! It is so great!!! I am sooo lucky to work with my mission president. He is truly amazing.   

Sounds like you're always up for another adventure. Dad or someone write me next week when Mom is gone hahaha. 
So everything here is good. Mom, I have to say that the boots  we bought in Cabelas are the best thing I brought on my mission. hahaha There is soooo much snow here. 3 days last week my companion and I did not have power. We did our studies in the dark with flashlights. Soooo crazy. Then on Friday we went out to work and it had rained and snowed and rained and then snowed again. It was like 4 feet of slush!!! It was ridiculous. My comp-her shoes soaked all the water way fast. Poor thing. She was freezing. But my boots lasted just fine!! They are sooo warm comfy and light so I can walk a long period of time without getting tired. hahaha I need to write that companion thanks hahaha. Then Friday we went to lunch with members and then we got a text from the assistants that said we should go in our apt for the day because it was sooo cold!!! yeah super crazy. So we went home around 5 and got to sleep. It was the best!!!! Sunday I gave a talk to the ward about faith and how as a ward we need to have faith and then we will see miracles. It was good but I didn't really feel like it was the best talk I have ever given.... hahaha Maybe because I didn't really prepare anything... That is my problem.  I just teach. I don't prepare... hahaha But it works every time.  Kinda cool hahaha Being a missionary is the best! But after church the members came up and told me "hermana cual quer cosa necesita diga me!!!" Yeah that was huge. The members are open and willing to work now. We can be instruments in the Lord's hands because we are willing. This week just flew by... I can't even remember what happened. We put 5 baptismal dates!! That was huge!! I just need to have the faith that we will have 5 baptism in 2 weeks. We are having the first baptism of the 5 this Saturday!! Super excited!! We are teaching the word of wisdom tonight sooo hopefully everything will go well. 

Hows Dallas?  Is he putting in his mission papers? Congratulations Karina!!! That is soooo awesome! Yes I know the boy! He is a genius!! Noooo but really. He got accepted into Harvard!! Wow how exciting! That is too bad you will miss Hannah's wedding. Is Shelly mad??? But Mom go enjoy your time in Virginia. Don't worry about the wedding. Hows Zack? Is Johnathan putting his papers in??? Tell the boys that Bethany said that missions are the MOST IMPORTANT thing to be doing with your life right now and if they disagree to email me. hahahaha Anyways, love you all. I will keep you in my prayers!!

Oh yeah and I am completing 9 months in the mission this week!!! Crazy!!! Only 9 more Fast Sundays!!! Ugh That makes me want to throw up!! It is going too fast. Anyways love you all. 
Hermana Bailey 

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