Sunday, August 16, 2015

Miracles!!! (Aug 10 Letter)

Well, this week was awesome!!!!!!!!! So I am just going to start out with saying how the Lord is in complete control!
So we had one day last week we didn't teach one lesson!!! We walked and contacted ALL DAY!!!! It was horrible. I was so grumpy! 
Then the next day we were running from lesson to lesson. It was AWESOME!!!!! We put a baptismal date with this lady who we have been teaching for 2 months. When we started she didn't believe in God. Nothing!!! Now she accepted a baptism date! AHhhhhh!!!! And she came to church yesterday!!!! She is reading the Book of Mormon and it is soooo awesome!!! The Book of Mormon has so much power. It is crazy!!! Then we started to teach this other guy and in the first lesson he didn't even let us say a prayer in his house... but man he is changing!!! He came to church yesterday. AHhhhhh!!! Yesterday was incredible. We worked super hard last week. And we got to church and normally on Sundays we have the guy that just got baptized and 40 members and nothing huge happens. Well yesterday we were in the bathroom before church and in walks a less active!!!!! Then we were like super excited and then I saw the lady who we have been teaching with her 2 little girls came too. Then we were sitting down with her and then this boy(19 years old) he walks in and I shook his hand and he told me this is his first time in the church and he came to get to know about the church! I was like En serio!! Sit down!!! Hahaha so he sat next to me in church and then we see this other investigator came to church!! Then a family of menos activos!!! Me and my companion were about to fall off of our chairs. It was awesome!!!!!!! Then after church all the members and the Bishop were like, "You guys are working so hard!! You are making a difference here." And we got 2 references from members!!! MOM DAD it is sooooooo awesome!!!! Afterwards my companion and I just looked at each other like what the heck just happened!!! Hahahaha and yesterday we found a new investigator. 

On Saturday we had transfers.  It it looks like my comp and I will be together 6 more weeks.  I am so excited for this transfer! My companion is really a giant among men! She is sooo good for me. She helps me work harder and stay focused on the work. I really don't know what kind of missionary I would be without her. Wow it is so great that God knew I would need someone like her to push me to be better. We have 2 hermanas in our group that we are their "leaders" that have been together for 12 weeks and they have to be together 6 more weeks!! It is crazy and they don't like each other at all. So we have to figure that problem out. It is interesting how God works to teach us! 

Mom, thanks for your little spiritual message! You are soo in tune to the Spirit. I have been worried that after a Sunday like yesterday that we won't be able to see another Sunday like that again but God just wants me to be an instrument in his hands and then he can touch the hearts of his children and have them come to church. Ahhhh I have been studying sooo much about humility and I have so much I need to change.  I am really trying to change and allow God to mold me so I can become the missionary he wants me to be but sometimes it is really hard to do 100 percent that he wants me to do. 

I am so grateful for every  miracle I have seen this week! OHHHH Yeah I forgot to tell you. So the other day we were outside walking and we got this phone call from a member saying "Are you sisters coming to church to clean?" And we were like what?...... We didn't know we had to go clean. Then my comp said, "We are the sisters from Bariloche. Which ward are you in???"  It turns out it was a ward from Allen (where I was before Bariloche) My comp said "Wait I am here with Hermana Bailey. She was in Allen." It turns out it was a member I knew. It was soooo fun to talk to him and he told me that the 2 people that got baptized when I was there are coming to church every Sunday and (Matias) passed the Santa Cena on Sunday!!!! He said they missed me and uh it was sooooo fun to hear from them. How random, no??? That they happened to call Bariloche by accident and call my phone. They were trying to call the Hermanas in Allen!! Wow, God totally helped that happen. It made my whole week!!! Soooo many miracles!!!! 

I hope all is well with the family. Serenity you look so big..... Brayden nice shoes... I thought you hated mine that looked like that... Hope you are sooooo stinking cute!!! Love the sign that says Bethany!!!! 

Love Hermana Bailey

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