Sunday, August 16, 2015

Another Baptism (Letter from August 3)

Hey Dad!!
Thanks for your letter! Things here in Argentina are great. We just had a baptism! It was soooo awesome!! Wow we have seen soooo many miracles. God is working on Bariloche right now and changing it. I am so grateful I get to be here when it is changing.
Last week we talked in church (me and my companion) about faith and how God is going to strengthen the barrio through their faith. Then after church we had some members come up to us and tell us they would like to help us with the work. 
Then we had the baptism on Saturday of a guy named Edilio. On Thursday we had a lesson with him and right at the beginning he told us he wanted to wait a couple of weeks because he was feeling like the word of wisdom and the law of chastity was too hard to keep right now.... Uhhh me and my companion - our hearts just sank... We followed the Spirit and testified and the Spirit was soooo strong We told him that if he really wanted to change that he would need to `pray with faith for the help and do a fast... Well he said okay tomorrow (Friday) I will fast and then tell you how I feel... After the lesson (we were in the church), a woman who was in the church heard the lesson and came in the room and testified and said I will pray for you too brother!! Ahhh it was sooo awesome. Edilio even cried in the lesson. Well then Friday came and we had a short lesson and he had the interview for the baptism and he said that he didn't have desires to drink anymore but that he felt peace and felt ready to get baptized!!! Wow that is a huge miracle. Satan works so hard on the people before the baptism.. But God can change the hearts of men. The baptism went great. We had so many members there. 
The thing that is even greater is that yesterday we had 50 people in church when normally it is 27! The talks were about missionary work and the ward is doing a fast for missionary work on Sunday! Then last night we had a member call us crying and said, "Hermanas! You would not believe what happened. My family was in my house and started asking about the Book of Mormon... Then I told them a little. They were super interested and they want to read it. They asked for a copy!!!!" Ahhhh how awesome!!! 
Then we have another member who has a little niece that moved in with them and she is not a member. She is 12 and we are going to start to teach her tonight!!! SO great .... Then the bishop asked the elders when transfers are because he is going to talk to President about keeping me and my companion here for another transfer because he likes us a lot... Things are changing. It is soooo awesome! So many more miracles but I don't have time to write them all. Pray that the miracles keep coming so we can have 4 baptism in 2 weeks!! I know it can happen. We just have to give all our strength!! 
Love you. Hope you have a good week! I will send pictures next week. 
Hermana Bailey

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