Monday, February 9, 2015

Feliz Dia de San Valentin

The valentine photos are for the missionaries in our district haha We are going to print them and and hand them out as valentines hahaha so great. My companion is full of fun ideas we are always doing fun different things, like we made a cake for an investigator's b-day - Thanks for the idea mom!! Hahaha

Dear family,
This week was good. It started out as last P day some guy gave me a note with his facebook name and he like called me beautiful hahaha and he gave me a chocolate. So funny- my companion and I laughed sooooo hard. It was super funny because that day I didn't have any makeup on and I seriously looked super bad.
But Monday night was awesome!!! We went to do a family night with an inactive family only the dad is not a member. We played a board game that explains the plan of salvation. It was sooo fun. We were laughing and we created a really good relationship with the family. Then after the game I turned to my companion and said we need to invite him to be baptized. We were both scared and didn't want to but we started talking about what we have to do on the earth so that we can live in the celestial kingdom with our families. Then it lead into baptism.  And I invited him.  I was sooooo scared. hahaha But then he had a little concern because he prepared to be baptized before but it didn't feel right.  So then my companion remembered this scripture in D&C that explains that he probably wasn't ready then but he is ready now. He agreed and accepted the date to be baptized 7 de March!!! Woot woot! We were so happy. The Spirit was so strong and he even said the closing prayer which is super hard to get your investigators to say the closing prayer! Hahaha After the lesson my companion and I were like running and laughing and screaming and freaking out. We were so happy.  I don't know if I have ever been so happy in my whole life. Maybe I have but I was just soooooo happy. Words can't even explain what I was feeling.
Then Saturday for our other baptism it was so crazy. That morning we were supposed to leave to clean the font for the bautismo.  Then our toilet clogged again and poop, straight poo flooded all over the floor. It was so gross. We seriously were living in this gross barn for like 3 days. It stunk so bad. We couldn't even shower because this nasty water. My companion and I, we were so mad.  We were like, "I hate Argentina." hahaha When in the heck would you have poop and maggots coming up from your floor? So we were dealing with that Saturday morning. Then we ran to the church and the cute elders were cleaning the font for us. Then we had a conference with the district and then the baptism. It started at 7 and none of the members were there and I was so stressed. But 15 min later all the people started to come. That is how Argentina is- always so relaxed, never on time. It is so annoying haha. Church will like start late too. Then my companion and I sang 'I Like to Look for Rainbows' in Spanish at the baptism and we had 2 members give a talk. And the font was like freezing because there was no hot water. When the little girl Nicole went in the water she like took a deep breath. It was so cute.  She got out of the water and we like gave her her towel. She was so cute!!! I love her so much. Then her mom came and helped her change into her clothes. hahaha the baptisms here are so different. So much more relaxed. She like came in shorts and tank top. hahaha No fancy white dress haha. My comp and I gave her a BofM with pictures and she told us she wants to be a missionary when she grows up! It was so great. 

So the poop problem--so Saturday night after the baptism a ton of poop came out of the drain. It stunk soooo bad. So we go outside to get help from the neighbors who live really close to us. He was trying to fix his drain and he came into our apt and he was like wooow That is bad. And he like fixed it. He said that the roots from the trees get in the pipes and clog the toilets every 3 months!!!  So he like fixed it and my companion and I are just sitting outside at like 12 at night while he fixed our bathroom and he even disinfected it and everything. So nice! 

But yeah that is about all I have time for! But this week we had to drop a ton of investigators because they are not progressing so pray that we can find new investigators. 

Love you all. Hahaha and Mom your lesson, you will be great. Saturday night we got a phone call from the zone leader and he said we have to teach Sunday School the next morning. We didn't have any time to prepare and we just got up there and taught the class. So crazy. As a missionary you just teach on the spot all the time. The language is coming.  I am not stressed about it at all.  I am able to get the idea of what is going on.  I can talk- it is so great. I just hope that I am not too relaxed about the language that when I get a companion that only speaks Spanish I will realize I really don't know the language. hhaha No, the language is coming. I am just amazed how it is just coming!!! It is so great. Anyways, love you. Have a great week.  I am way over my time limit right now!

What the heck Hannnah wrote me!!! I am like dying!!! 
Engaged. I am happy for her.  This is so weird!  Life is just going on without me!!!!

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