Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Wow so crazy!! Argentina has so many holidays. That is why I couldn't write you guys on Monday. Sorry about that.  I kind of wish it was always like this  because it kinda helps breaks up the week if we get to write on Wednesdays.  When there is a holiday here in Argentina, the whole town shuts down. Nothing, I mean nothing is open! The whole town is sleeping and then around 9 people wake up and then they have fireworks and then they go to the Plaza which is a big park and they dance and hang out. Honestly, their ways of life are sooooo different. Their holidays last for 2 days.  So for 2 days no one was in the streets and nothing was open. But now today the Ciber was open so I could write home. 

So this Saturday we have traslados!  Ugh I think I am going to leave because my companion only has 3 transfers left and she thinks she is going to have one more area after Cultral co. So I will probably be leaving in 3 days! Ugh I'm sooo scared.  I hear you have to leave all by yourself sometimes and I don't know if I feel good enough with my language yet to have to travel to an area I don't even know all by myself. Yeah I am way worried, but maybe I won't leave and I will get to be with Hermana Miller one more transfer- which would be AWESOME!!! She is so fun.
Valentines day we had a heart shape pizza that night that we made and then we bought candles and had a candlelight dinner- sooooo funny. We are always doing fun random things. But yes of course we still work a ton. 

Ugh- super sad- the guy who was supposed to get baptized is not coming to church!  We have a good relationship with the family but the parents just don't want to progress. We had a lesson about the importancia of marriage because the parents are not married and we explained that the family can live together forever. Then we asked them if they wanted to make a goal to attend the temple. We told the parents that they should get marrried.... yeah super awkward. They like did not want to hear that. They said they will talk about it.  Argentina... the culture is like, get pregnant around 18 or younger, then you can have like two other kids with another guy, and then you like settle down with a guy you want to spend a long time with but they don't want to get married even though they live just like a married couple. So frustrating!

This week we have seen so many miracles with finding new investigators. We had a ton of investigators that weren't progressing, but after we stopped visiting them we have been praying a ton to find those people who are ready for the gospel. God has made us find so many new investigators. But not just that- whenever we are walking we like run into them all the time! It is so crazy. It is like God is saying "teach them, teach them."
Last Saturday, we were walking to our pension and we saw one of our investigators who lives in Filli Dei, the really small town that takes forever to walk to.... (When we went to Filli Dei, they weren't there, so we were super bummed) but then that night we were walking to our pension and we saw them in the city and their car broke down right in front of us and we helped them push it to get started and we invited them to come to church... They didn't end up coming- sooo dumb- but kinda cool how we found them really close to our pension and their car broke down right in front of us!!!

So this week I have been a little sad and feeling like I am not the missionary that our investigators need to help in their conversion. But I am learning that all I can do is my best and then God can use me when I do my best. 

Sooo you guys want to know more about Argentina.  Okay soooo they have paved roads in my area but they are way cracked and not very well taken care of. The food that is really good is the facturas! Google facturas from Argentina and hopefully you can see the really good food that I am eating. I am gaining weight!!!! Ugh I am like stressing about it! I am gettting a double chin. I thought it was just in my head but then a stupid elder said, "Hermana Bailey, you have gained weight." and I said noooo and he was like, "yeah in your neck!!!!" Ughhh yeah so now I am all paranoid to eat!!!  SO stupid!!!!  But whatever. If I come home a fatty at least I liked the food. hahaha  In Argentina the people live in the most different circumstances. For example, we have an investigator who lives in a house that kinda reminds me of those little beach houses in California and then we have investigators whose houses are made out of tin and the 28 year old girl is dating a 73 year old man.... yeah soooo gross! 
Anyways,  I am out of time. But I don't really know what to tell you more about Argentina beside they drink mate allll the time. So if you have questions ask and I will try to answer. OH yeah hahaha my comp and I were watching a video of some other missionaries and they were sitting on a couch teaching.  I looked at my companion and asked, "when would you ever see a couch like that here?"  She laughed and said, "never!!!"  We get to sit on bent rusty old buckets when we teach!! 

Hope, I am so excited for your bautismo. Send me lots of pictures.  Girls, don't be sad when I am not home because you can make things fun tooo! I miss you tons. Thanks for writing me. I got your picture in the mail that you sent a while ago of my companion and I. We loved it and hung it in our apt!!! So cute. 

Mom, don't worry about calling the doctor.  I got a blessing and yeah it is going away!!!!! A MIRACLE!!!  The Priesthood is real!!  Kinda crazy, the doctor in the mission never called me back either!! Um yeah weird. But it is okay cause it doesn't bother me at all!! One of the many many miracles.

Les Amo!!!
Hermana Bailey

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