Monday, February 2, 2015

First Conference

Well shoot this week was good. Went by super fast. The time is just flying by. I had my first conference with the zone this Friday. It was good. Kinda long at times because for me to understand things I have to focus really hard, so it was really easy for me to zone out. That is because we would just sit there for 5 hours listening in straight Spanish. So if we are going to be honest, I totally might have let my mind wander a few times... ooops :)

So when President was talking, for some reason my mind started to wander about what I would say if I had to share my testimony right now.... Then, OF COURSE guess what happened! Yeah President said, "Hermana Bailey will you come and share you testimony about being a consecrated missionary! I felt like my heart fell into my stomach! I started to sweat a ton and I almost started to cry right then! I was like, "OH gosh!!!! Here we go."  President then asked a few other missionaries and then it was time for me to go up there. I stood there for probably 10 seconds (which felt like eternity).  I was holding back my tears and trying to know what to say and then trying to say it in Spanish. I was so scared. It is one thing to testify in a lesson with 5 people, but in front of all these experienced missionaries just seemed like the death of me. Oh and to have President listening just seemed that much worse.  I just started to talk and then I would pause and think about what I was going to say next. Mom, you remember how you said missionaries always stop and pause before they say something?  Yep That is me now!!! So Awesome! You really rely on the Spirit so much here.  After I was done,  the cute Hermana Leader came up to me and said, "You're so cute, I felt the Spirit!" ( hahaha I don't know if that means they had no idea what I was saying or what but I did my best).

But Hermana Parris was there. She is so great.  (my comp from MTC) She said my Spanish is so good. She said "You're like fluente." hahaha Yay! That is great even though I am not even close to fluent. It is the weirdest thing. There are times I feel like I've got this language down to a T and then there are other times and I have no idea what is going on.... Then in the conference we did a practice teaching. President came and listened to my companion and me.  It was so scary.  hahah He would stop and say "okay what can you do here?" and then he would say "Pull up the scripture from King Benjamin and..." Oh gosh I was like, in my head, "where the heck is that scripture?"... so embarrassing. And my companion like froze and she left me there hanging.  So then I had to ask "where is that scripture?" I felt so dumb. So now I have a new goal: memorize more scriptures. Dad, that is what you can teach in your mission prep class: scripture stories and how to apply it to the investigators and have them memorize scriptures or scripture references. One other thing is teach them how to forget themselves in the work. That is really hard for me. In the middle of the day I get so tired and I just want to take a nap.  But YOU CAN'T.   It is only 15 more months but I just want to take a nap sometimes hahah!

So the other day we were walking to Filli Dei, a town about 1 hour away and my companion and I saw this huge bug!!!! It was as big as a mouse or bigger.  I am not even lying and then there were like 15 little ones just like it and they were the size of a beetle. They were black with red stripes. I think the name is monte cabillo! Then they started to chase my companion. It was so scary. Then we ran away and then we told our investigators about it and they're like "your lucky. If you would have gotten bit you would have to go to the hospital."  
Then we were teaching this lesson to this new investigator and her house had tons of mosquitoes ugh. So now I have like 15 bites all over and they itch sooo bad! 
Then the other day I was walking and I saw parrots! They are so pretty! And they are everywhere.  I have no idea why I didn't notice them before. I am just starting to notice all this stuff about Argentina. It is so crazy. One of our investigators lives on a farm and they have this weird looking bird. It is like as big as a crane but it is white and black with pink eyes! But it is not a flamingo. So Crazy. 

I have my first baptism on Saturday!!!! Hazah!! Super pumped! All is well here. Love you! I made a voice recording and I will try to send it. 

We went shopping today and I bought a cute skirt and pants that are straight Argentine. Super great!! 

Love you all.
Hermana Bailey 

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