Tuesday, January 27, 2015

3 Months

Woot Woot! I hit my 3 month mark the other day. Crazy the time is going by so fast. 

This week was full of so many crazy adventures.  But I feel like the problem is that I need to work harder. Why does everyone tell me I need to not work harder. It drives me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! I just don't want to be lazy. So Any advise? Do you think I should work so hard at least with the language? Because I study when I am eating breakfast and when I am cleaning my clothes.  I don't know,  I just feel so so anxious all the time so I am trying to be more relaxed but it is hard because I am not a relaxed person.  I swear a new person tells me everyday that I need to be relaxed.  I am not even kidding -a different person everyday.  I am like, "you don't even know me and your telling me to relax." It is super frustrating because I feel like I am trying soooooo hard to keep my cool and not go at the fast working pace that I want to go and even when I am trying my very best people still tell me to calm down. It is so frustrating. 
This week we saw so many miracles. My favorite was when we were walking to Filli dei. It is a little town in the middle of no where and it takes 1 hour to get there. We had to go there 2 times this week because we have a little girl who is going to get baptized on 7 Feb. So we have to teach her all the lessons before then. So when we were walking in like 100 degree weather this car pulled over and offered us a ride. It was so nice. Then when we were walking home, our investigator drove by and gave us a ride. It was awesome. We got two rides in one day. Then another crazy thing happened. We were walking to visit these people and we went to knock on this really big house and when we got to the door then 10 big dogs ran over to us and jumped on us. I felt teeth try to bite my arm but it didn't! Then the lady comes over and says "oh my gosh, you are so lucky the dog didn't bite you!!!" My companion and I are convinced that there were angels protecting us. Then this crazy lady took us to some temple and it was so crazy. We couldn't get away and she was like making us pray to the sun and I was trying not to laugh and my companion was like singing because this lady was making her sing. Then we finally got out of their temple... Oh ya and the lady said that Jesus was sitting on this red chair in the temple. It was soooooo weird.  
I am out of time. Love you all. Dad,  tell the mission prep class to read their scriptures and attend church and to get their testimonies really strong now. Because the mission is not fun and games like they probably think it is! But you can tell the class that the mission is fun because you are always helping others and you are filled with the Spirit all the time. That is the kind of joy you feel in the mission.  Not adventure fun, although there are crazy things you will see in the mission. It is all about the Lord. 
Hermana Bailey
I am out of time. Tell Katie I am soooooo sorry for not writing her on her birthday but I love her and can't believe she is 25?

Love you alll

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