Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Argentina Life!!!!

we went to this beautiful mountain the last p-day with an awesome view. It is soooooo gorgeous here! 
This member made these sweaters for us by hand!!! She is so cute!

this guy playing the guitar and singing on the bus

Kinz!!! IS HOME!!!!!!!!! What the crazy?!!!! Time just goes by soooo fast!!! Is she going to start school this fall? Do you know what her plans are??? Did she cry when she saw her family? Did everyone go to the airport??

Well this week was sooo awesome!! Soooo me and my companion found a new family to teach. They have 4 kids- 2 that are young women and 2 that would be in primary and a couple that are actually married!!!!!! (never happens here). Then we found a mom and her little 8 year old daughter. And this other family that we have been teaching that moved from Buenos Aires that have 2 little girls (I think I told you about them). But they are awesome!!!! I love them sooo much!!! I actually can say I have sooo much love for these people! 
Anyways... we found like 8 investigators! Which like never happens. But then on Saturday-they all moved!!!!! What the HECK!!!! The big family with 4 kids moved to the area of the elders. I was soo bummed because I would have loved to have taken them to the church. I could just imagine the excitement in the members if we brought a huge family! But oh well.  God knows they are needed in a different ward.
Then the other family from Buenos Aires was in a really bad situation in the apartment in our area so we helped them find a new place to live and we were with them through really hard parts in their life. The mom would cry to us. We had a really great relationship with them and they moved 2 streets OUt of our area!!!! UGh 2 STREETS!  They are really poor. So they had to leave the house they were in because they couldn't pay rent. So they moved into a house that has tons of cockroaches! Yeah!!! Infested. When someone would turn off the lights they came out and then when the lights were turned on they all scatter! Yeah way bad! But the cute family was just soooo grateful for this house that they finally have. And their neighbors are super nice and gave them a tiny fridge and they were soooo happy to have a fridge. It is sooo crazy that when you have nothing, like literally nothing, how happy and grateful you are for what little you have! We really saw the hand of God help them through their trial and now we have to give them the elders becasue it isn't in our boundaries :((((( I wanted to cry when I found out they weren't going to be living in our area. But hey, maybe those elders are what they need now and they will get baptized and they will always remember me and my companion. 

Then on Thursday we had conference with a member of the 70! It was really good. I was kind of grumpy at the start of the meeting. I was getting mad at myself and feeling like I wasn't doing enough and then I would shut down because I didn't have desires to try to work harder because you can only give so much of yourself.  I prayed and asked for help to soften my heart! And the Lord really helped soften my heart! I started to enjoy the counsel from him after the prayer! Cool No? God listens to our prayers. 

So then we had an interview with just the leaders and him! That was cool. I am so lucky to be a hermana lider because I get to have so many special opportunities to listen to such amazing people. He told us about his life and his family. They have lived all over the world!! Their kids like speak 5 languages.  Maybe a year ago that would have been something that I dreamed of- to travel all over the world and live in different places. But now that seems miserable. hahaha When I come home I want to live right next to you guys hahaha! I am so grateful for our family! 

A sister and I were talking and she told me some things about her family and she told me how she never really had a good relationship with her dad. Wow my heart got sooo full of gratitude for Dad!  Dad you're the best. Thanks for being there for us and letting us cry all the time and you would always listen. I was just really sad for my friend that she didn't have the same experience that I had with my dad! What a blessing our family is! I really feel like the luckiest girl on the planet!!! And Mom, you are sooo awesome too!! You always treated Dad like he was the best man in the world. That also taught us a ton! You guys are the best. I am sooo grateful for our many many blessings. Remember family, much is given and much is expected. We have to share what we have. I am learning so much about our many blessings- even the ones we don't think are a big deal - like going to the grocery store and you can buy yellow bananas and not brown ones. hahahaha. 

Congrats Brayden on your license!!! Hope you all have a good week 
Love, Hermana Bailey

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