Monday, September 14, 2015

A Week of Miracles!!!!!!!!!!

Wow what a week!!!! Okay before I forget, I have not gotten any letters from Paige. So yes, can you send them? I love it when you can send them through because time on the computer is short. So sending them through dear elder is always better. 
The weather here is somedays super nice-I leave with a jacket.  Other days I leave with 3 coats and boots!!! Hahahah its just like Utah! 

Okay so this week was awesome!!!! So last week was really the trial of the faith. We lost 3 families, leaving us with only 3 investigators!!! That = lots of walking and contacting  :(  But.... we talked to everyone! I am not kidding. We contacted 102 people this week! We normally contact 60 people. Yeah... and guess how many new inestigators we have?!!!! 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE FOUND 10 NEW INVESTIGATORS!!!!! That is not normal. On average we find 2 or 3 and some weeks 0! But we found 10! How lucky. And 2 of them are good families with a mom and dad!!! Then we had 1 investigator come to church and 2 menos activos and this is their 2nd sunday in a row coming to church so if they come next week they will be active again!!!! And then they can have a calling. 

Then we were teaching this 12 year old girl named M-. She is from Cultral Co (my first area). She had to leave her family for a reason and live with her aunt. Her family are Evang√©licas but her aunt, the lady that she is living with now, is a member so we have been teaching her the lessons and she would always get super quiet and not talk when we talked about bautismo. She wouldn't look at us or respond to our questions!! Yeah super awkward. She didnt want to get baptized and we didn't know how to help her. So we were praying that one day she would just tell us she wanted to get baptized because we didn't want to pressure her into getting baptized. Then 2 days ago she told us she wanted to get baptized!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!!! Our prayers were answered! So we are having a baptism in 2 weeks! 

Then another huge miracle- we were walking to a lesson with an investigator who is super hard. He has some really hard doubts. The truth is he is super hard to teach. We taught the word of wisdom a week ago and he told us to stop talking before he got mad... yeah a really bad lesson... but Saturday we decided to try and teach it again! Ummm... it was a miracle. It went so much better and he said he is going to quit smoking and quit all those things he has been doing. So we are helping him with this right now! 

Then we found a woman named Julia. Okay so she is so cute! The first lesson we taught her about the fact that God loves her. She cried and cried and at the end of the lesson she was sooo cute. She said a prayer and thanked God FOR SENDING US TO HER! Then she asked, "Can I take a picture of you guys?" and she sent it to her daughter.  And now we are teaching her 18 year old son too!!!! 
Yeah so many miracles right? And this is just the highlights!!! There are soooo many more! It is incredible.  I have seen some huge blessings this week. On Tuesday we went to a soup kitchen put on by the Catholic church and fed people without homes. It is incredible when different religions get together and serve. 

This week we have transfers... I don't want this transfer to end. New transfers are always a little harder... but hey we saw tons of miracles this week so I can handle a little hard. hahahah 

Love you all. Love love the fotos. Hope, your hair is sooooo long. What's going on with my harp??? Are there a lot of broken strings? Does anyone play the poor thing? hahaha Anyways, love you all. I hope you have a great week and enjoy every min. Tell Grandma and Grandpa congratulations. That is awesome. They finished strong. Tell Kinz to write me.  Big hug and kiss.... oh and Wednesday was my comps birthday. It was sooo fun. The members here are sooo awesome. They gave her cake and presents and called us... The members are sooo great here. We have such a great relationship with the members. They really are like family away from home. They know my name (super hard for them to remember). But they remember!! It is sooo awesome!!! Anyways love you all 

Hermana Bailey

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