Sunday, September 6, 2015

August 31, 2015

Rained everyday this week!! Spring is coming!!!

Well Family,
This week I was sick again!!!!! Sooo dumb. But I feel a lot better! I think I am finally done with the stupid head cold! 
So this week was a little hard. We tried sooo hard to find 2 people that could get baptized this weekend but in the end none of our investigators got baptized. So hard. We worked sooo hard and it drove me crazy because the elders kept calling us and asking, "How are your investigators? Found anyone to get baptized?"  Ahhh and you all know how I am a stress head!  So all week I was feeling like a failure or someone that didn't have enough faith because things didn't work out the way I asked. I really struggled because the scriptures say ask and ye receive and if you have faith all things are possible. So I really felt like we gave our all but then things happened - like when we went to their house the investigators weren't home. Or we were teaching a 12 year old girl that is really shy and we invited her to be baptized and.... yeah she wouldn't look at us or say anything for like 10 min..... ugh it was soooo awkward! hahaha  
So after a harder week we had interviews with President on Saturday and his wife asked me how was my health and I just broke down crying. She said, "You don't have to work harder than you have strength." She is such a cutey. Then I had an interview with President and oh boy, we said an opening prayer and I just started to cry. Then he asked what happened.  I explained that I don't understand what we are doing wrong. We work sooo hard, pray tons and we still can't even bring one soul to Christ every month! He said that sometimes the Lord's time is not our time and then we read in the scriptures about Alma. Alma wasn't having success and he left and God told him to go back and then he found Amulek. Then the president said, "You will have success!!"  And he said that the prayers from my family are helping me and lots of nice things... hahaha I always cry - soooo annoying.
Then we had an investigator go to one of the baptisms of one of the elders!!! 
We taught the word of wisdom yesterday and uhhhh he told us he didn't want to hear more, that he had a really bad day and that he wanted us to stop talking before he would say things that he would regret saying. So we ended and after we felt so sad. I don't really know what is going to happen to him but he has a really hard life and he knows he needs to change and that is always really hard on people when they don't want to change. 
Then we had stake conference yesterday with all America Sur!! (South America) It was so great. The apostles talked (well some of them). They talked about missionary work, family and going to church on Sundays. After the conference we had a member come and give us a reference! YEAH!!! MEMBER HELP IS THE BEST!!! 
And we taught a cute family the restoration yesterday and when I was telling the first vision she started to cry!!! The Spirit was sooo strong. Then she accepted a baptismal date. Sooo there are lots of miracles here I just need to have a better attitude. 
We met a RM the other day. she was sooo cute and sooo spiritual. I hope that I can come home a different person. I just need to forget myself!!! That is soooo hard for me sometimes!!! 

Love you all.
Hey Serenity don't be scared about Mr Cornell. All my girlfriends loved him in 5th grade.You are going to learn sooo much stuff.  I Love the back to school photo!!! You are all soooo cute. Miss you tons. But hey, I will be home before summer break!!! Hahahaha Give Kinz a big hug from me and tell her to write me when she can. Love you all. Have a good week

Hermana Bailey

oh I forgot to tell you! hahah in the conference we like have to say hi to everyone. It is a culture thing and we like kiss everyone. hahaha Who would have ever thought I would kiss hundreds of people!!! I love it!! So much love here!!! 

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