Thursday, July 2, 2015

Crazy Week!!!

All the pictures in this post are older pictures taken in Bethany's last area and pulled from the mission's blog.

Everybody pray for my area. As of right now we have 1 investigator who is going to Buenos Aires on Friday which means we are contacting all day in the freezing cold!! Yeah kinda stinks.... Dad any ideas how we can find new investigators?!! Anything that the missionaries are doing with the members that helps?... hahaha Please just don't tell me to work with the members because I am trying and I don't know how. Tell me how to work with the members better.

My companion has lice!!! So yeah that means I probably will have it!!! Ugh pray for us to find a way to get rid of it. I didnt know my companion had it until today and we have been sharing clothes and eveything... So I probably will get it. 

This week I had my first exchange with the other Hermanas in the zone. It was really fun! I went to Bolson which is another way pretty area. Because I am a Hermana Lider I get to see pretty much all south of Argentina!! Lucky huh???  It is so pretty. I was with a Hermana that got in the mission with me. I didn't like to be her Hermana Lider because we have the same amount of time in the mission. But it was way fun to be with her for one day. 

Last week we fasted a ton!! We need to have some more success and Sunday I was discouraged because our investigator didn't want to come to church. But then we got to church and 57 members came which is pretty big!  And we had an  investigator who is an old lady come without us even doing anything. We want her to get baptized but it is just hard to know if we should spend a ton of time on her because she is really stubborn and she has been investigating the church for a really long time. So I don't know what to do.  I just keep thinking, in PMG it says to look for future leaders in the church.  But at the same time If someone is ready when they are 75 maybe we should focus on them... Ugh I am torn.  I don't know what to do. 

This last week I fasted for help and we went out contacting with a member who is putting her mission papers in right now. I loved to be around her positive energy and remember how I was when I was putting my papers in. That helped me to see the bigger picture. I was then reading in Alma 26 when Alma and Amulek were teaching. The people were really rude and they didn't have any success. They had patience in their afflictions that one soul might come to the knowledge of the gospel.

Another day my companion and I were fasting and we were talking to a member. She was telling us her conversion story and I just was so sad that I haven't been able to teach very much lately and that I was feeling like I wasn't doing my job here in Argentina. Then I had this image pop in my head- a woman with red curly hair getting baptized.  I thought it was a sign or something so I told my comp later and we decided that we would keep our eyes out for a redhead. Well the next day we found a red curl head!! We were sooo excited. We ran as fast as we could to catch her in another block without her knowing that we were trying to contact her... We ran up this huge hill. We were exhausted and we finally made it to the place and we offered her a tarjeta. She started yelling at us and telling us to go to our country and to leave Argentina!! Hahahah hahahah what the heck!! Me and my comp just looked at each other and laughed!!! So funny. It sounds awful but one thing I am learning to do is just laugh at the crazy things I am going through. 

 Sounds like Lake Powell was fun! What the?! Your lives are so crazy. Dad won a 4 wheeler?!! What the?!! hahahaha I love it! 
Miss you guys sooooooo much but I know that this church is true and I know that the gospel blesses my life and I can't be selfish and not share it so I am here trying my very best and doing whatever God wants me to do! Love you all sooooo much. Don't worry about me.

Hermana Bailey

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