Sunday, June 28, 2015


Kamiiii - freak - remember when you told me that I would be outside all day in the freezing cold and you guys would be boating?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   IT has happened!!!! The worst thought ever!!! 

My new area is beautiful!!! But we don't have very many investigators so we seriously contact almost all day!!!!  So I am seriously outside all day!!!!  Yes Mom, my coat is warm enough and my boots are way warm- maybe too warm. hahahah We don't have snow yet but everyone keeps telling us it is coming.     The ice we have!!!!! Not too bad yet but everyday is a little more and a little more. 

My area has so many many many hills.  We are hiking all day long. Cars and buses we never use. The first 2 days were soooo hard for me. I was sooooo tired by the end of the day. We would get home at the end of the day and I would feel like I was going to fall asleep during planning. Then we would wake up for studying and I would have the hardest time staying awake to study.  I would be drinking from my water bottle to try and help me stay awake, but I still could not focus!!! Ughh   It was horrible. Now I am a little more used to the schedule and I have a little more energy. 

My companion is super great. She is a really hard worker. Like the mission is everything!!!! Which is really good for me to remember to put 100 percent focus on the work.  Pray for some success in this area. It is a good area, but I really feel like it could use some help.   But anyways, here in my new area chocolate is a big thing so that is what we eat for dessert- yum!!! 

We had an open house in the church!! It was sooo good.  I will try and send pictures!!! It seriously was sooo great. I was nervous because I had to teach all the lessons in 2 min- every one! But the Spirit really helped me and I knew exactly how to do it. I really am loving having the companionship of the Spirit this transfer.  I have felt it so strong guiding us and protecting us.... One night we had this one dog that started following us from an investigator's house all the way to our pension! For like 30 min!!! It was amazing. God totally put the dog in our path to protect us because it was late!! I can't explain how cool that was. 

I am doing great. Dad, yes I have felt the Spirit really strong this week.  The only thing I really need help with right now is to feel love. I am really struggling to love the new area-to love the people! So pray for me to be able to love the people here like I did in my last area. I feel like it is impossible to love them like I did. My heart still aches when I think about my last area. It is so interesting how I could love the people so much. I feel like my heart is full and it can't get any fuller. A little weird no??? I just think of when I was in 7th grade and Mrs Updike told us when she had her 2nd child that she didn't think that she could love her 2nd child as much as the first but she said she did.  I am hoping that I too will be able to love the people the same!!! 

Dad, happy Father's Day!!!! Thanks for everything you do!! You are an amazing example for me. I am always looking up to you. You are so funny, and hard working but the most important thing that you ever taught me was to love and serve the Lord!!! You always always put him first and I know that is why you have so many blessings!!! Love you and hope your day was super special. Love you all!!!

Hermana Bailey

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  1. I know it is a bit late, but I meant to wish Bethany a happy birthday. Will you let her know that I was thinking of her on her special day and that I LOVE reading her emails here. She is obviously a great missionary! Way to be Hermana Bailey!! Love, Sis. Bishop