Monday, June 8, 2015


Well thanks for your letters!!!!!!! I loved them. You guys are soooo right- forget myself(Dad) and be positive (Mom). Those two things are soooo important.  Now if you think that is hard, putting it into practice is the thing that is even harder hahaha. 
My poor companion is sick. So we didn't do a ton yesterday. We just taught 2 menos activos and that was all. We taught a lady who is an ex-missionary and she knows the church is true but she doesn't want to go to church because she doesn't have desires to go. What the heck?!!!!!!! Sometimes we wont have desires to get up in the morning and go to church when it is cold or obey the law of chastity because it seems easier to do whatever we want. But the thing is, we need to do it anyways because we made a promise with God at baptism!!!!! SOOOOOOOo Dumb - what is this girl thinking? If I ever go inactive you all have to drag me to church! Because man this is sooooo sad when someone knew the truth and rejected it! 
Anyways, this week we saw soooo many miracles! For example we were looking for a less active named Veronica. She has the calling of family history, but she is inactive. We wanted to find her and work with her and help her become active and help the members with their family history ( because we are suppose to focus on family history). So we went to where we thought she used to live and nobody knew who this Victoria was. So we were knocking on lots of doors and talking to people in this neighborhood and I saw out of the corner of my eye-Victoria!  I told my companion, "There she is!!!"  We ran over to her asked her where she lives.  It turns out she lives way far from where we were looking and she totally happened to be in the same spot at the same time when we were looking for her!!! Whoa, God's hand is in that, no???? So great! We had a baby blessing in church yesterday and so a ton of our menos activos came to church!!! It was sooooo great!!!!!  But anyways, then we were teaching a lesson yesterday and it was super great-really spiritual. And now the members want to make me a birthday cake!!!!! Hahahaha yeah! Kind of interesting when we get in and help the members they are more willing to help us!!! 

Brayden you have a job interview!!! Goood luck! What is going on with the boys (cousins) and mission calls? Tell them to write me if they can't decide whether to go on a mission or not.  I will whip them into shape.  hahahah. Anyways, everything is great. Pray for my language because I need to be speaking better.  hahaha Cause If I can speak better people will be able to understand this awesome message better. Anyways love you all. Hope your Summer break is going great. And yes Mom, my coat is perfect. :) Next week is my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah and tomorrow is Kami's birthday. Woot- how fun! Last and first birthday in Argentina. Hope it is a good one. 

Love you all keep sharing the gospel

Oh yeah serenity I loved your testimony!!! It was awesome. Who taught you the Spanish?!!! When I get home we can talk in Spanish together!!

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