Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Happy New Year!

My New Companion

Our Apartment

Oh I love my new companion!!!!!!

Sooo this week was quite interesting. I was really nervous at first because I didn't think I would be able to teach my trainer our area. I was going to need to call our investigators and take her everywhere and plan our days and plan what we were going to teach. Yeah that was a lot of pressure, especially for me still being in training-and not knowing Spanish... Well sooo many miracles. I don't even know how to explain it. I can talk in Spanish. I am not perfect and there are times I have no idea what is going on but I can teach in the lessons and I can actually have conversations with people. It is soooo great. Every night I am just sooo full of gratitude. hahaha It is kinda hard to keep studying a ton because my companion speaks English and most of the people in my zone speak English and I feel like most of the time I can teach in our lessons so my desire to study has kinda died.  hahaha Obviously I still study and I am still trying to learn the language but it has gotten so much better. I actually have an idea what is going on now. Oh and I was able to talk to people on the phone this week. With my other companion I could not understand anything anyone was saying on the phone but I can actually understand people! Ahhh it is so exciting. 

It is kinda interesting... SO I love my companion. She is laid back and always tells me to calm down.  I swear I get told at least once or twice a day to calm down. I don't know what I need to learn from all these laid back companions but I am just trying to be teachable, because I know that I am supposed to learn something about being more laid back.  My companion said that I was exactly what she needed. She said I am so obedient and receptive to the promptings of the Spirit. She said  "shoot, this girl is training me!" hahaha That made me smile. 

A hard thing is that my new companion speaks Spanish, but she doesn't speak as well as my last companion.  And there are times in the lessons when she doesn't know a word and the investigators can't understand us and then the Spirit leaves. Ughh The first couple of days I was sooooo frustrated with this.  But from this experience I am trying to teach more and my companion relies on me more than my other companion. So I think that is a reason I am with her- to learn that I can do things and to start to be that missionary I imagine myself being. 

I love my companion. We hardly ever talk in Spanish so that is a problem because then I don't learn as much. But we get along great and we laugh all the time. We put our beds together hahaha! So we sleep in one big bed!  Oh and yay! She plays the piano, so I don't have to play in church anymore. 

There is a new missionary in the mission and I can see how he is struggling and it made me remember my first week in the mission.  I feel like he is way ahead of where I was but I am so grateful I am past that point. Yay! I am not the new newbee! 

Oh and my companion likes to cook! She makes the best food. We made this really good banana bread today! So fun. 
Hahaha so yesterday we were in a lesson and  there was this way nasty sick dog that was dying in our investigator's yard. The lady was trying to get the dog out of the yard but it wouldn't leave because it was really really sick. So my companion Hermana Miller and I tried to get it out of the yard but it wouldn't move.  No one wanted to touch this dog because it was soooo gross. So I grabbed this cloth and picked up this sick dog and the lady and my companion were all freaking out and I took the dog out of their yard. Then the lady started yelling "Throw the cloth, throw the cloth hahaha because it had the germ from the dog. It was sooo funny I wish you could have seen it. I just picked up this dying dog and my companion and this lady were laughing and laughing. So funny. 

Spiritual experience- so many this week. But my 2 favorites:  My companion and I had a lesson at one of our investigator's house but I could not remember where or how to get to their house. We started walking down the wrong road and I just said a prayer.  I had a feeling to turn around and so I just started to walk and it was like God was picking up my feet and taking me to where we needed to go. My feet weren't physically picked up obviously,  but I walked right to their house. So cool. Then we were teaching a lesson to one of our inactive members and I had a feeling to share a scripture that I read in personal study but I could not remember where it was. I just opened my scriptures and I opened to the exact scripture! So amazing.  I see miracles everyday - so amazing. I am really enjoying my mission. I still have moments when I am frustrated or when I just want to go home but I am loving what I am doing and the language is sooo much better!!!! 

Serenity,  that is so great you are being a missionary. Keep it up. Maybe you guys should tell the missionaries to visit them.
Dallas!!! Oh MY GOSH that is SOOOO AWESOME! How is Bridger? I miss knowing what is going on with the family. Tell them to write me. I got a letter from Sissy and a dear elder from Tyson, a way old one, it was like from my first week in the MTC, and then I got a letter from Aaron Connell's Mom.. But nothing from you Mom hmmm weird. 
Brayden you got your permit! Sweet. You're so big I can't handle it.

Love you all and miss you tons. I hope my letters make sense. If not, tell me so I will write slower and I will read what I write and make sure it makes sense. Because I don't reread what I write. 

Hermana Bailey

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