Monday, January 12, 2015

New Companion

Wooot Woot!! Yay!!! I got a Gringa for a companion!!!!! Ahhhh this week was full of so many miracles. I wish I could call you on the phone and tell you.  Anyways, okay so... I have been with Hermana Guzman for 6 weeks. The whole time I thought I would be with Hermana Guzman for 12 weeks.  A few people would say things like, "no Hermana is going to leave 6 weeks in." But nooo we were almost certain she was going to finish training me. 
Sooo I took everyone's advise to make learning the language my only goal right now. Well, knowing me, I took that, I guess you could say, to the extreme.  In the streets I would always be asking my companion questions.  I would always have my dictionary out I was not paying attention to people around me.  I was so focused on words in Spanish that I wasn't enjoying the mission, the people or really anything. My companion was getting frustrated with my endless questions and me making the same mistakes and what seemed like me making no progress. Thursday was way hard.  I felt soooo discouraged. Not only was I not understanding the language,  but I felt that our companionship was having struggles.  That night I talked to my companion and I told her I felt like I was annoying her..... Well she looked at me and gave me this lecture- in obvious, straight Spanish. I could understand her perfectly! It was crazy. In the lecture she told me that I need to be focusing on all parts of the mission. She said, "I know you miss your family but you need to put your whole heart in the work. And be patient with the language." She said "You are always studying the language.  Like tonight for example there was a huge wind storm and you were still reading in your dictionary." She said, "Do you think that stuff is going to stay in your brain?" She said, "No, because you weren't completely focused on what you were studying. There is a time and place for everything. When we are in the streets you need to be aware of our area and be ready to listen to the Spirit."  So after she said all this I took her advise. But I just wanted to cry because I felt like my whole soul was fighting against what she was saying because I want to learn to speak the language so bad and I feel like why not practice in the streets. So I prayed.  I just cried and told my Father in Heaven my problems. I told him that I want to learn this language so bad and I am willing to do whatever it takes. I wanted to explain that other people say that I should dedicate my whole heart into learning the language. But when I was praying I could not remember those words at all. I was trying to remember but I couldn't.  I decided that maybe it was a sign that I need to focus on other things too. Then I finally remembered the words "put your whole heart into learning this language". I was like oh yeah... and so I was about to ask my Father in Heaven if that is what I needed to do. But then once again I could not for the life of me remember those words. I was so confused. I am learning a big part of prayer is listening. I am not putting in a grocery list order I am asking for help and when I ask for help I have to be willing to act on what the Lord wants me to do. So the next day I decided that I would focus on other things as well as the language. And I spoke so much better and I understand so much more. I don't know if my story makes sense but I believe that I was supposed to learn from my companion to relax and not to take things so seriously. But to enjoy every moment. I am always in a rush. You all know that I rush on the phone and everything.  When I relax I speak so much better. Kinda weird because I am so used to wanting to give it my all, but I learned I need to give my all in all aspects of the mission.  I am so grateful for the things I learned from my companion. She seriously is amazing. I am soo sad that she is leaving but I KNOW that this new companion is exactly what I need.  

She is Hermana Miller. She is from Canada (she doesn't know Winnipeg).  She has been in the mission for  1 year. She is super nice. I am so grateful for a Gringa because she is going to be able to help me understand the rules of Spanish! Yay! Lots of people tell me that I have a great accent and that it is almost perfect.  I just need to practice grammar hahaha. And this new companion can help me with grammar. I am a little nervous because I have to teach this new companion our area-where people live, everyone's names and uhhh I don't really know our area very well... So I am really relying on the Lord to help me remember everything I need to remember. But It is seriously a miracle the things I do remember. I remember the first day I could say anyone's name. The names are different here too.  I feel like learning names is like learning another language too.  But I remember names!  I have no idea how, but I do.  Miracle!!!

Oh and guess what? One of our investigators came to church. Yay! Baptism on Jan 31 hopefully. She has to come 2 more times. So exciting. 
Serenity you got your ears pierced!!!! Soooo cute! Were you scared?
Hope,  I love your shoes!! We are twins. 
I love you all. What did Kami quote in her talk from my letters?  

Well out of time. Uhhh time is just flying by. I can't believe I am to my 3rd companion!! Love you all. The language is so much better- still not good but sooooooo much better. Thanks for your prayers. 
Love  Hermana Bailey
PS I am glad Cookie didn't die I was so sad

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