Thursday, November 19, 2015

November 16, 2015

My new area is a lot like Cultral Co where I started my mission.   I don't know if you can see my house in Google map. It is nice. I have a laundry machine!!! Huge miracle!!!!  The place is 2 stories and super hot upstairs! But I am loving the heat!! Enserio! It is the best. There is a LOT of wind!!!! So it doesn't ever get way way hot.  But it is hot.

My companion is fun.  But she is kinda mean... hahaha I just dont let things she says get to me.  We do get along.  We laugh a lot and she teaches the gospel really well and she is helping me with my Spanish a lot.  And she cooks really well so we are doing great.  Don't worry about me.  Her parents are coming to get her here in Argentina and she told me she wished she had extended her mission. I was thinking about it. I love the mission, but I think I will just go home when it is time. I was debating the fact all week but I think that I am just going to come home when it is time.  

I am in another city today with some hermanas. We are doing exchanges de campanions so I forgot my camera. Sorry, I will send pictures next week. 

I love the members here. They are sooo nice. So much love!! I love our investigators. I am learning so much! I have seen Gods hand in so many things. It is soo fun to hear of things that go on outside of our lessons. It's hard to explain, but God is in complete control. He is preparing everything. We as missionaries do nothing, I feel like. Sometimes it frustrates me because I see everything that I want to have happen and I can't force people to do things!  We have a goal as a mission to teach 21 lessons in a week and normally we teach 13 but this week we taught 18!!!! Almost! We will get it for sure this week. 

Saturday we were walking to contact someone and my companion said lets try this less active and try and teach his non member wife. So we went over there and the wife was outside, pregnant and weeding this yard FULL of weeds. We said, "Hey can we help?" At first she was like "no!"   I really wanted to help her so I was just praying super hard that she would let us help. Then she said we could pass. Then we started to help her and her husband weed their yard! I am sooo grateful that you taught me some serious yard work.  I like cleared the whole yard! hahaha They were all laughing about how well I worked!!! I love yard work!  Keep making the little ones work because they will use this skill forever! And make them practice piano! I am sooo regretting my choice to not practice because Sacrament meeting is really embarrassing sometimes! 

Sorry, I know I am writting super bad! I just don't have a lot of time to fix my mistakes.  I hope you can undserstand what I am trying to say. 

So then, after cleaning the yard they invited us to their house yesterday to eat something so we brought stuff to make banana bread! (people don't eat that here). They had 2 friends over. We taught them all the restoration and related it to the banana bread and it was sooo spiritual. I knew they felt the Spirit. We asked if we could pass by to their house and teach them another day and the lady was mean. She said no!!!! My companion and I did not know what to say. We just looked and had nothing to say.   Then my companion just bore her testimony and started to cry! It was sad, but God has everything in his hands. 

The thing I am struggling with this week is that we spend like 2 hours at lunch and the rule is we can't be at lunch longer than 1 hour!  The members here are super laid back and start cooking when we get to their house! I feel bad to tell them that we can't be there longer than 1 hour because they are being so nice to make us lunch.  idk... I hope that made sense. Any advise??? 

My companion is great but she is more laid back like Hermana Miller so it doesn't really bother her. But I know we could be working harder than we are... any advise? Anyways, sorry if I was negative! We really had a great week.

I love you so much! (hehehe and make Brayden go on dates with other girls before he gets too serious with this girl! hahaha) 
Just so you know I told all the women in the ward here what you did and they loved it!!! They hopefully will learn from your efforts! 

Love, Hermana Bailey

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